cantiere delle marche's rj102 sold to australian client

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Cantiere delle Marche announces sale of 31m RJ 102 to Australian client

14 February 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Cantiere delle Marche (CDM) has announced its fifth sale of 2024 – a 31-metre RJ 102 ordered by an Australian client. The explorer model is the latest addition to the shipyard's RJ line, developed in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski.

The owner's decision to order the explorer came after they stepped onboard Stellamar (CDM's first 35-metre RJ115 model) and were "immediately impressed with the quality and workmanship of the build".

Stellamar's interiors
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The model's profile is characterised by a sinuous stern, recessed windows and a subtle flared bow. Accommodation is across four guest cabins, with the owner requesting a multi-functional room that can be converted into a fifth cabin. The exterior areas are extremely generous, according to the shipyard, with "cozy" interior spaces designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta.

RJ 102 recalls the range's main features, including an open-up stern with a wide stair, floor-to-ceiling window and transparent gunwales on the upper deck for panoramic ocean views. Other highlights include an upper deck swimming pool with sundeck area and sizeable toy storage.

"We find ourselves propelled forward by a favourable wind," said Vasco Buonpensiere, CDM co-founder and CEO. "This year, our shipyard has confirmed its position as the undisputed world leader in the construction of explorer yachts."

He added: "It is crucial to emphasise that we build steel vessels, each meticulously tailored to the owner’s specifications, setting us apart from mass-produced composite yachts."

The line’s flagship model, RJ 155, is currently being built at CDM's facility in Ancona and will feature interior styling by Salvagni

CDM recently announced the sale of a 33.5-metre Nauta 110 to Australian businessman Marcus Blackmore.

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