Contract to build 141m sailing yacht signed by Dream Ship Victory

5 October 2010 • Written by Amanda McCracken

Meetings at the Monaco Yacht Show are starting to bear fruit. A signed contract for the largest private sailing yacht ever to be built is a collaboration between Dykstra Naval Architects who will work in tandem with Ken Freivokh Design. Both design houses worked together on the Maltese Falcon so we can expect some great design work. At 141m *Dream Symphony *will be a symphony of modern designs.

'The build will be substantial and in timber. It will be classical with a twist. We like the idea of mixing classical in a very contemporary way, even on the exterior. We have picked up classical elements such as a glass barrel vault as found on the classic Coronet and extended the look. The whole intention is that the interior will be very striking. We are trying to make this a unitary concept where inside and outside belong to the same family and worked in the same material.' says Ken Freivokh

Conceived as a private yacht she will be built at Dream Ship Victory and construction will start in 2011.

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