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Gallery: The best pictures of Oceanco's 127 metre sailing yacht Y721

22 October 2021 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

Oceanco's 127 metre sailing yacht known as Y721, rumoured to be Jeff Bezos's in-build superyacht, emerged from the shed for the first time this week. BOAT rounds up the best pictures of the project, which will become the largest sailing yacht in the world when delivered in 2022.

Emerging from the shed

Video: Guy Fleury

The sailing yacht was glimpsed for the very first time earlier this month after rolling out of the sheds at Oceanco's Zwijndrecht shipyard. The record-breaking black-hulled superyacht is set to feature three masts and a bowsprit.

The scale

Credit: Tom Van Ooosanen

The scale of the project can be seen in this image against the shipyard workers watching the yacht emerge. While the designers of the project remain a secret, it is known that the yacht is built from aluminium and steel.

From above

Credit: Guy Fleury

Prior to being revealed in October, the hull of the yacht was built in pieces at Oceanco's Zwijnenburg facility before being assembled in Zwijndrecht.

The bow

Credit: Guy Fleury

The bow and superstructure of the sailing yacht are clearly seen in this image. While the sale of the yacht was first reported in 2018, no other details about the project have been released until now. The yacht will be the largest yacht ever built at Oceanco.

The hull

Credit: Ruben Griffioen

The striking black shine of the hull is seen from below in this image. A new book published this year appeared to confirm long-standing rumours that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the owner of this secretive 127-metre sailing yacht. An excerpt of the book, named Amazon Unbound, was published by Bloomberg and describes the superyacht as “one of the finest sailing yachts in existence,” with "several decks" and "three enormous masts."

The decks

Credit: Ruben Griffioen

The teak decks of the superyacht can be seen from above in this image. Amazon Unbound also reported that an accompanying support boat is also under construction, though the details of this remain unknown.

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