Lazzarini Icaria concept rendering

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Lazzarini Design reveal futuristic 85m superyacht concept

8 November 2021• Written by Tom McGhie

Lazzarini Design has revealed an 85m superyacht concept complete with landing space for two helicopters.

Named Icaria, the concept takes inspiration from the studio's ‘Shape’ design, which was revealed by the studio in October 2021.

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The concept features landing space for two helicopters

Key features include a bridge enclosed in glass, which provides the owner or captain with wide views of the ocean. Two sets of stairs lead down past the front head onto the foredeck, which has been left empty for customisation.

The hole in the superstructure is dedicated to a huge bar

Like Shape, Icaria features a large ‘hole’ in the superstructure, which is dedicated to a huge bar. The “open main deck” utilises the concept’s 15 metre beam and is left bare for the owners’ customisations.

The concept is 85 metres in length

The upper deck aft sees space for the landing of two helicopters, below which is a beach club with stairs down to sea level alongside space for sun loungers.

The tender garage on the lower deck accesses the sea via folding doors

At the lower deck aft is the tender garage, which accesses the sea via two foldable side doors.

It comes after Lazzarini Design revealed Embryon, a 24 metre tender concept with a transparent, carbon-fibre hull.

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