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Lazzarini Design reveals 69m superyacht concept with a hole in its superstructure

1 October 2021 • Written by Tom McGhie

A 69 metre superyacht concept defined by a “gaping hole" in the middle of its superstructure has been revealed by Lazzarini Design.

The concept is defined by a "gaping hole"

Named Shape, the concept’s hole, or “front deck” can be customised. Options including leaving it empty to act as a sun lounging area. Steps lead down to sea level portside, while guests can access the area via a door on the bow. A glass-bottomed infinity pool sits on the upper deck and dips down into the hole. 

The studio, which is known for extreme designs such as the 137 metre swan-inspired concept Avanguardia, said: “Shape stands out from the rest by avoiding an unnecessarily elaborate design, and by instead having a striking silhouette."

A glass-bottomed pool hangs over the front deck

Shape was designed to run entirely on clean energy, with a propulsion system powered by hydrogen and a large solar panel on its sundeck that provides charging for all onboard systems.

A large solar panel on the top deck helps keep the concept fully sustainable

Shape’s living area is situated aft, with accommodation for 12 across six VIP suites. “Because we placed a void inside the concept’s superstructure, there is a real luxury quality about the living space,” the studio added.

Sun lounging area on the concept's stern

A beach club features at the stern, which includes more sun lounging space and a diving platform.

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