New photos of the cool green Brenta 80DC sailing yacht Cool Breeze

21 October 2015 • Written by Risa Merl

Yacht builder Michael Schmidt has collaborated with Lorenzo Argento of Brenta Design and world-renowned architect Sir David Chipperfield to create a new sailing superyacht, the Brenta 80 DC, which was launched this summer.   Brenta Design has now shared new photos of the 24 metre sailing yacht, named Cool Breeze.

The light displacement yacht stands out with a cool green hull colour. She is designed for ocean crossings as well as performance sailing, with an eye to reducing weight and keeping maintenance at a minimum with technology and systems on board kept as simple as possible.

Schmidt has called the yacht an accumulation of his four decades in the sailing industry and said he designed it with his own criteria for a boat in mind. Cool Breeze is the first in a series of luxury yachts from his new venture Michael Schmidt Yachtbau. He said, “I am building a boat without concession, just beautiful and suiting me. I want it simple, functional and fast. A special blend of old and new.”

Cool Breeze combines leading-edge carbon technology and craftsmanship with a simplicity of design for ease of use in racing and cruising situations. Andreas Bock, racing sailor and Brenta 80 DC Project Manager at Michael Schmidt Yachtbau, said, “Up until now, most bluewater yachts have been heavy and slow. By using the lighter and more durable carbon fibre technology, we’re able to create a yacht that is not only faster, but incredibly strong, durable and ultimately safer. Carbon fibre provides a very low displacement, more accurate control and more stability resulting in a more efficient yacht.”

Schmidt is proud that the Brenta 80 DC is a completely European product, being built in Greifswald, Germany, on the Baltic Sea, with exterior design from Brenta Designs in Italy and interiors by the famed British architect David Chipperfield, who is the owner of a Brenta 42.

Schmidt said, “Each aspect of the product is made by people with passion for quality, by craftsmen living their dedication for building boats. We are bringing back the art of boatbuilding.”

Designer Lorenzo Argento of Brenta Designs said of the collaboration, "Michael Schmidt, with his love for sailing and being a very knowledgeable builder (having built several racing and cruising boats) plus David Chipperfield Architects – it has been a great honour and wonderful fun to be involved in this project with these guys."

Stay tuned for a full interview with Lorenzo Argento on the design of this cool new cruising sailing yacht Cool Breeze.

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