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Revamped Monaco Yacht Show to focus on visitor "quality, not quantity"

24 February 2021By Miranda Blazeby

The Monaco Yacht Show is set to become more exclusive and recentred around superyacht clients in plans unveiled by organisers.

The redesigned show, which will debut in 2021, will feature a renewed focus on ensuring the quality, not quantity, of visitors, resulting in a show that places the “final superyacht client” at its heart. The show is confirmed to take place from September 22-25. 

The Monaco Yacht Show dockside area
Credit: Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show managing director Gaëlle Tallarida used a virtual press conference to unveil her plans for the show, which has been redesigned following a period of consultation with the yachting industry.

This development period, which took place during the hiatus of 2020, saw Tallarida set up a steering committee and survey exhibitors, who requested a show that “attracted high-quality visitors,” Tallarida said.

Those wishing to buy or charter yachts will be given full priority, followed by their teams of designers and superyacht managers.

To ensure high quality visitors, organisers have increased ticket prices to a minimum of €500 a day which, Tallarida hopes, will result in a less crowded, more exclusive show.

“The price will be higher than before to ensure we have the right people at the show,” Tallarida said. “The feedback is that there have been too many people at the yacht show.”

While increasing ticket prices, Tallarida revealed that exhibiting costs are being “reviewed” to “better match the industry’s expectations”.

She promised “more stable prices for the coming years for berths and stands” and admitted there is an “understanding” that the Monaco Yacht Show is “an expensive place to exhibit”.

Additionally, a new badge system will be introduced splitting visitors into three categories. Superyacht end users – those who want to buy or charter a yacht – will be assigned VIP “Discover” badges. These visitor passes do not require registration, allowing visitors to remain anonymous, and will be distributed by exhibitors to “the right people”, Tallarida said.

Those with Discover badges will have full access to the four-day yacht show, including exclusive access to the dockside area on the first day of the event. Discover visitors will also enter the show through two new VIP-dedicated entrances fully equipped with waiting lounges.

“The feedback from exhibitors is that the show is very crowded, and the docks are very busy,” Tallarida said. “This will allow VIP visitors a comfortable area where they can sit down and wait for an exhibitor.”

Those supporting VIP superyacht end users, such as designers and yacht managers, will be assigned “Advise” badges, while trade visitors will have “Connect” badges.

The dockside area will be exclusively reserved for Discover and Advise badge holders on the first day of the show, September 22, allowing potential superyacht buyers and charterers private audiences with shipyards, brokers and designers in a quieter environment. The dockside area will be open to all attendees for the rest of the show, which will end on September 25.

Tallarida added that the one-day dockside exclusivity is being “tested” in 2021 but could be extended in the future. The days of the show, which currently runs from a Wednesday to a Saturday, could also be shifted to run from a Tuesday to a Friday in the future, she said.