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Rossinavi launches first 43m hybrid-electric catamaran Seawolf X

20 May 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi


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Rossinavi ·  42.75 m ·  2024

Rossinavi has launched its "most innovative project" to date, a 42.8-metre hybrid-electric catamaran named Seawolf X. Construction was first revealed to have begun at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022, with the concept itself unveiled during Miami Design Week in 2021.

Exterior design is by Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design, marking the first project presented by the pair since the 49.1-metre Aurora in 2017. It also marks the first multihull project for the shipyard.

A key characteristic of the model is her three "performance scenarios". On one-day trips, Seawolf X can cruise in full-electric mode for 100 per cent of the time; on multi-day trips, she can cruise for 90 per cent; and on transatlantic trips, she can still cruise in electric mode for 80 per cent of the time. When the catamaran is moored, a "hibernation mode" activates for reduced consumption – with the energy generated able to be given back to the quay or to a private property. She can recharge at the shore in five hours and supplies enough energy to charge up an entire villa.

Rossinavi has also developed an onboard artificial intelligence system, called Rossinavi AI, to analyse the operation of the vessel, predict the needs of guests and communicate with the crew on "lower-impact behaviours" and "conscious cruising". The AI can also monitor the battery pack to keep it in a range of 20 to 80 per cent.

Her exterior is low-profiled and reminiscent of a sports car, with Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design seeking "to liberate their minds from preconceptions" around catamaran design. The team also integrated solar panels into Seawolf X and addressed hull efficiency by developing "lightweight solutions", including an anchor installation that meets weight standards while enhancing aesthetics.

New York-based design firm Meyer Davis have created an interior that "complements the cutting-edge yacht to bring relaxed luxury and sustainable design to its forefront," the shipyard said. The decor takes inspiration from nature, in particular the sun, the sea and sand.

Accommodation is for 10 in four cabins

Leisure highlights include a convivial cockpit centred around a pool, an expansive sundeck with sunbathing and living spaces, and a bow area that features a hidden pool and convertible home theatre. Accommodation is for up to 10 guests in four cabins located in the hulls.

"After years of study and construction, it is now a source of satisfaction and pride for us to witness the launch of project Sea Cat, now Seawolf X, the first hybrid-electric multihull vessel," said Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi. "This yacht showcases remarkable technological innovations in both power management and propulsion technologies, marking the beginning of a new chapter in next-generation vessels."

Seawolf's concept design

Seawolf X also carries the BlUE label, the shipyard' "sustainable" design philosophy established in 2022. Inspired by phytoplankton, the BlUE fleet absorbs sunlight during the day and utilises photovoltaic technology to convert it into energy. This energy is stored in advanced batteries and released at night, creating a bioluminescent effect "akin to glowing plankton".

The catamaran sits below the 500GT threshold with a beam of 13.8 metres and a maximum draught of two metres.

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Rossinavi   42.75 m •  2024

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