Video: Inside the interior design of Oceanco's 90 metre superyacht DAR

19 November 2018• Written by Miranda Blazeby

The interior designer of Oceanco's 90 metre DAR has shed new light on the superyacht's design in a video filmed exclusively by Boat International.

Head interior designer Valentina Zannier from design house Nuvolari Lenard shed light on the design, which features art, glass, sculpted leather panels and metal decoration.

She revealed her favourite feature of the interior design is the yacht’s spiral staircase, which features references to flora, fish and sea life.

“My favourite element is the staircase with the running fishes and some elements in glass and metal and the staircase in general, it’s a very nice feature,” she said.

She revealed that DAR’s co-owner briefed her on the interior design.

“The inspiration was totally coming from the world of nature so she asked me to bring nature onboard. You will find sea life, fishes, blossoms, feathers. All these things that are fluently melting together” she said.

DAR’s exterior designer Luiz De Basto told Boat International that the exterior styling had also been inspired by the natural world, specifically the shape of a hammerhead shark.

DAR's spiral staircase features fish and other sea life

“When you see the boat from the top you see the wing stations are in the shape of a hammerhead shark. The profile, the mast, is like a fin, a dorsal fin, and everything else just flows from there. You can see the flow of the shark there,” he said.

Indeed, DAR was known as Project Shark until her delivery in July, when she became one of the world’s top 200 largest superyachts.

Both videos produced by Ed Cavendish.