Xtender 16.1 – the long-range, 50 knot tender that’s built like a superyacht

7 October 2015

Dutch builder Xtender’s new flagship, the Xtender 16.1 yacht tender, is so customised that its build process was closer to that of superyacht. Designed for a discerning owner, the fully carbon yacht tender was created in collaboration with Herbert Dercksen, Dubois Naval Architects and GCA Architects.

The new Xtender 16.1 yacht running

The brief for the new Xtenders 16.1 yacht tender called for a boat that could be stowable on the superyacht where she would reside. Dubois drew the lines of the low deckhouse, while Herbert Dercksen’s experience as an Olympic sailor influenced the Xtender 16.1’s efficiency, stability and speed. She can reach a top speed of 50 knots – making her one of the fastest superyacht tenders – and impressively has a range of 500 nautical miles at 25 knots.

“I wouldn’t even call it a tender,” he says, “It’s more like a small superyacht. The project was conceived in the same way we do superyachts, with a specification designer and interior designer,” says owner representative Sebastian Allebrodt. “The 16.1 has been a big game changer for Xtenders and I feel they were working more as a superyacht shipyard during the project rather than a tender builder.”

GCA Architects from Barcelona decorated the detailed interior, which is a place where guests can have respite from the elements. The Xtender 16.1’s interior is decorated in clear-coat carbon veneers and has a full galley with Miele and CEA appliances like you’d typically find on a mothership. There’s also a day head, and the berth transforms into a sofa.

“Two of the most important factors were the correct use of the textures and of the colors; the cabin’s interior shows a strong contrast between the flat dark surfaces in carbon fibre and the coziness and softness of the white fabrics,” comments Anna Trillo of GCA Architects.

The Xtender 16.1 has notable features, such as a sun awning that can be used in speeds of up to 40mph. The entire yacht tranforms into a “floating island” while at anchor as the aft bulwarks fold down, creating a huge area for sunbathing

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