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Credit: @Zulya48246965 on Twitter

Yacht damaged by Coast Guard in alleged drug smuggling operation

29 July 2022

A 27 metre superyacht named Belgor has suffered damage after it was involved in a clash with a Coast Guard patrol vessel in Turkey. The incident is alleged to be part of a drug smuggling operation that came to a head earlier this week.

According to local media reports, the Coast Guard was attempting to investigate reports indicating the presence of drugs on board the yacht in Muğla, close to Bodrum. The yacht then attempted to leave the waters of Turkey and the Coast Guard responded by pursuing the superyacht.

According to Turkish news outlet T24, the Coast Guard "opened fire" on the yacht around the island of Bükkiremit. The Coast Guard vessel also rammed the yacht, suffering significant damage from the impact. Authorities were then able to apprehend the passengers.

The yacht was believed to be carrying four passengers at the time of the incident. There are mixed reports about whether or not there were injuries as a result of the clash, but it is understood that drugs were seized from on board the yacht.

An investigation is ongoing.

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