The most innovative superyacht tender garages

Almost every luxury yacht carries a tender of some sort, but how they carry them distinguishes the run-of-the-mill from the truly exceptional. We pick out the finest examples from around the world, starting with the Arcadia Sherpa.

Arcadia Sherpa

Smaller yachts often call for the most innovation and, when it comes to tender garages, nowhere is this better seen than on Arcadia's Sherpa series. Its 23,000 litre garage emerges from beneath the cockpit via the flick of a switch and offers enough room for a 2.85 metre tender, jet skis, diving kit, wakeboards and windsurfers (plus a davit to haul them all over the side). This is just one of the many reasons the popular design is often referred to as a 'pocket megayacht'.

Photo: Alberto Cocchi

Seven Sins' drive-in tender garage

This 52 metre steel-hulled cruiser by Sanlorenzo, which is currently available for charter with YPI, packs the premium features to match her impressive size, such as a superyacht beach club with a removable floor. This means that the area can be partially flooded, allowing her eight metre tender to gracefully drift in and effortlessly dock with the mothership. Once the transom door is closed, the excess water is pumped out and Seven Sins is ready to cruise on to her next destination.

Photo: Guillaume Plisson

I Dynasty’s floodable tender garage

The 100 metre Kusch Yachts masterpiece I Dynasty has a suitably spectacular superyacht tender garage, which can house a Riva speedboat, a custom Pascoe limo tender and a pair of Jet Skis. And when the tenders are launched, this area can be flooded to create an indoor swimming pool.

Photo: Christopher Scholey

Elysian’s gullwing door garage

The desire to free up space in the transom for a superyacht beach club has led many designers to move the tender garage towards the bow, where they can be craned into a foredeck locker. The high-tech Lürssen superyacht Elysian, takes exactly this approach, with its gull wing doors allowing an eight metre custom Windy limo tender and a crew boat to be snugly housed.

Photo: Klaus Jordan / Guillaume Plisson

The Wider 150's convertible beach club

The custom tender garage on the Wider 150 is unusually large for a 46 metre yacht, due to the lack of any traditional engine room. Four gensets in the bow provide her propulsion via azimuthal pods, freeing up plenty of space in the transom.

Wider Yachts used this space to create a float-in dock that takes up around a third of the lower deck, and the base of the garage is moulded to fit the hull of the Wider 150's 9.6 metre tender like a foot in a shoe. When the Wider 32 tender is out exploring, this area can be converted into a 90 square metre beach club complete with a seven metre saltwater swimming pool.

Atlante's transforming tender garage

Atlante's owner told the designers he didn't want to see the tenders, so they have been hidden behind large shell doors on the main deck. This is just one of the unique design features on board the 54.8 metre superyacht.

As soon as the CRN yacht is anchored, the tenders can be launched and the space transforms into a vast panoramic beach area with wide teak boards. A large movie screen at one end means that the tender garage becomes the ultimate outdoor theatre.

Octopus' huge internal dock

Octopus is well known, given that she's one of the world's largest superyachts. But her main talking point is perhaps her huge internal dock. The floodable stern is capable of accommodating the 19 metre tender Man of War and a 20 metre submarine.

While under the ownership of the late Paul Allen, Octopus and her submarine were used to search for a sunken ship. After eight years of looking they finally discovered the Japanese ship Musashi that sunk during the Second World War.

Photo: Barry Peters / Flickr

Odyssey's unique side entrance

Odyssey has a very unique tender garage. The innovative 58 metre CRN yacht features a float-in tender dock that is open to the aft beach club area. This creates a unique space for the owner and guests to enjoy.

Float-in docks have been seen before but to see one in a yacht this big is pretty impressive. Furthermore float-in docks are usually found with the entrance at the stern of the boat, but with Odyssey the tender enters from the side.

When the shell door is opened, the dock is flooded and the tender rises off its chocks, with two wave doors to stop waves from bouncing the tender around while the guests board. When tender operations are finished, the 18,400 litres of water can be pumped from the dock in under three minutes.

Samar's multiple options

Samar has a wet dock capable of accommodating a massive tender that enters through the stern. The huge garage also has space for two more tenders that can be launched through large gull wing doors on both sides of the yacht. The 77.42 metre yacht was built at Devonport in 2006 and designed by H2 Yacht Design, Laurent Giles and Nick Myers.

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