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Espen Øino Reveals Details on SilverYachts SpaceCat

27 July 2020• Written by Holly Overton

The first 35 metre SilverYachts catamaran, dubbed the SpaceCat, has been described as a "bold undertaking" by its designer Espen Øino in the latest episode of At Home With BOAT.

SilverYachts is known for its slender hulls and the SpaceCat will be the Australian shipyard’s first venture into multihull design. Speaking from his Monaco office, Øino said: “Most yachts are floating homes and catamarans give you the possibility to create something much more exciting... you can create spaces in a completely different way.”

With a 13.3-metre beam, the SpaceCat will offer 300 square metres of interior space and 575 square metres on deck. “The fact that you are combining two hulls gives you an incredible opportunity to create a lot of living space."

According to Øino, the all-aluminium catamaran will also deliver “ridiculously low" fuel consumption with a top speed of 20+ knots thanks to a low-resistance and lightweight hull. “This is something which is aligned with SilverYachts,” he said. “Being built in aluminium, being lightweight and with slender hulls, we're able to operate at speeds with very modest power.”

Øino explained how the "two biggest enemies of efficiency" in yacht design were weight and beam - two issues that are solved with the SpaceCat. "You can reduce weight considerably by building in aluminium... but the beam is pure geometry, it's how you organise your boat and how you design your boat.”

The 85 metre Øino-designed SilverLoft II is currently under construction in Australia

The partnership between Øino and SilverYachts began back in 2007 with the launch of the first SilverYachts hull Silver (now named Rabdan), which at the time was the largest all-aluminium vessel in the world. Since then, the pair have gone on to build the 77 metre SilverFast, the 85.3 metre explorer BOLD and most recently the 85 metre SilverLoft II currently under construction in Australia.

Construction on the first SpaceCat was started on speculation and it is slated to hit the water in 2021. “I don't know whether people will fully understand the concept until they come on board," he said.

In answer to whether the range will extend to bigger and smaller SpaceCats, Oino said: “The yachting industry today is far less conservative than it was 10 years ago… We’ll see how the market reception is and then we’ll take it from there.”

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