5 reasons to buy the YXT 24 Evolution

The storage space

This robust, explorer style support vessel comes from Dutch builder LYNX YACHTS and features exterior design by Bernd Weel, naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design and interior design by Darnet Design. With the second hull of the YXT 24 series and the first hull of the YXT 24 Evolution series hitting the water in October last year, we round up the best bits of the 24 metre shadow boat.

The YXT 24 Evolution by LYNX YACHTS is the perfect shadow vessel for an adventurous owner. Alongside huge deck space for tenders and toys, the YXT 24 Evolution comes with accommodation, featuring one luxurious double guest cabin with bathroom and shower, two comfortable double crew cabins with toilet and shower, one pantry, an additional laundry with dry and cold storage and a very spacious beach club. As a testament to the storage space on board the YXT 24 Evolution, the recently-delivered model currently carries, surfboards, water toys, a Super Air Nautique G23 wake board, a Sea Doo jet ski and a Land Rover Defender 110. With a YXT 24 Evolution, there's all the bonus of having extra space and entertainment without having to refit or upgrade to a larger yacht.

The customisation options

One of the most important things for many clients is knowing that they can turn the yacht they like into the yacht they want - and this is certainly true of the YXT series. LYNX YACHTS ensures each yacht is tailor-made to the owner and has emphasised that the possibilities of customisation are unlimited.

This was proven when the owner of the recently-delivered YXT 24 Evolution requested that, when all toys are launched, the YXT’s spacious main deck can transform into a huge beach club or an area for playing basketball, watching a film or enjoying a barbecue or a party.

The interiors

Like everything else on board, the YXT 24 Evolution's interiors are highly customisable but remain elegant, functional and spacious across the board.

For the owner of the recently delivered YXT 24 Evolution, it was important that his shadow boat had a similar feel to his existing yacht and French interior design studio Darnet Design stepped in to make it happen. The result is a bespoke interior, warm and rich with a natural wood feel throughout, decorated in the mothership’s walnut veneer walls and grey flooring and fabrics.

The gym

For the active, sporty owner of the YXT 24 Evolution shadow yacht, recently delivered by LYNX YACHTS, the health and wellness area on board was of utmost importance. Stocked with the very best equipment, the spacious gym looks out over the ocean and leads directly onto the beach platform.

The deck space

Even the bulkiest of toys and tenders can be accommodated on board the YXT24 Evolution's huge 75 square metre deck. The Land Rover Defender 110 has been fitted with custom lifting points and can be easily deployed by the deck’s onboard crane. Meanwhile, with the toys and tenders in the water, the deck becomes a huge beach platform with sunbeds ad lounge areas, and can even transform into a first class party deck when the sun goes down.

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