Day two of Newport Charter Show – The Culinary Competition

The annual culinary competition at the Newport Charter Show resulted with a win for M/Y Sea Bear

Day two of Newport Charter Show – The Culinary Competition

During the second day of the Newport Charter Show, four yachts 99ft and over submitted four dishes, all under the theme of ‘A taste of the sea: New England seafood chowder’ to be judged in the annual culinary competition.

Judges, George Sass group editorial director at AIM Marine Group, Jennifer Jones, VP marketing and events, BIM Marine Group and executive chef Bob Bankers from The Mooring Seafood and Kitchen & Bar, Newport, all agreed that this year's standard was very impressive.

The competition was held in the show tent where the four chefs prepared their plates onboard their respective yacht before carrying it over to the judges.

M/Y Capricorn’s chef Rachel was first and presented the judges with a Lobster Salad with vinaigrette and miso dressing.

Next chef Bruce from Lady Diane II offered his Lobster three-ways. This was a lobster pot pie, lobster ravioli and steamed lobster tail with wasabi aioli.

Chef Mark from A-Salute submitted Lobster Salad. His dish consisted of Laguna lobster with hot and sweet black bean risotto with a pomegranate dressing.

Finally, chef Steven from M/Y Sea Bear offered his dish Three Rows. Chef created a series of mini dishes on one plate created around an earth theme. First, a mini salad which represented the earth, the field was made up of a pea puree with mint, basil and oregano-roasted zucchini, with butter poached lobster and hollandaise sauce and finally to represent the sun, he offered tomatoes, strawberries, pickled Kohlrabi, turnips and glazed carrots.

After much deliberation, the judges awarded first place to Chef Steven from M/Y Sea Bear commending him on his inventive style and use of different flavours.

Full results are

Grande Class Results

First Place – Chef Steven of 126-ft motor vessel Sea Bear

Second Place – Chef Bruce of 120-ft motor vessel Lady Diane II

Third Place – Chef Mark of 108-ft A'Salute

Premier Class Results

First Place – Chef Meghan of 70-ft sail vessel Destiny

Second Place – Chef Emma of 67-ft sail vessel More Magic

Third Place – Chef David of 82-ft motor vessel Excellence