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Luxury Treasure Hunts launches Sardinia series

19 August 2022 • Written by Georgia Boscawen

With its scalloped bays, glistening sands and crystal-clear waters, Sardinia is no stranger to the superyacht fleet, which descends on the island throughout its long summer season. But it’s not just natural beauty that lures superyachts to Sardinia, as sprinkled across the island are hundreds of archaeological marvels, megalithic edifices and mysterious stone ruins dating back to the bronze age.

Tim Rees | Luxury Treasure Hunts

While a yacht charter exploring the incalculable marvels along the coast would be enough to satisfy the most discerning charter guest, Charlie Moretti, founder of Luxury Treasure Hunts has elevated Sardinia itineraries to new heights and this season launched an immersive adventure along its ancient coastline.

Tim Rees | Luxury Treasure Hunts

Hailing from Hollywood, Moretti set his sights on creating a series of compelling treasure hunts after a career in TV production, an experience that gained him a long list of contacts, and in turn the ability to execute hyper-realistic missions. “We set out to devise a treasure hunt that is beyond a well-orchestrated illusion and fully immerse each client into the experience” he explains. “Working with actors, producers, and designers from the biggest names in show business, each excursion is designed to engross you in the story and create meaningful memories in this sublime setting.”

Charlie Moretti | Luxury Treasure Hunts
Tim Rees | Luxury Treasure Hunts

Appropriately, it's pirates that guests will be tracking along the Sardinian coast. The treasure is said to belong to English pirate John Rackham, who leaves behind a set of ambiguous clues to decipher after rumours of treasure have been whispered across the island. With solid gold coins at stake, treasure hunters will need to study parchments, explore forgotten caves by torchlight and resolve equivocal letters to set out on their quest towards the treasure. Though in true pirate fashion, things aren’t always as they seem, with tricks and diversions in place to lead treasure-hunters off course.

Tim Rees | Luxury Treasure Hunts

Tailored and attuned for each group, Luxury Treasure Hunts’ Sardinia series is designed to engage the curiosity of all ages and abilities from five-year-olds to PhD candidates, while incorporating the best of the Costa Smeralda. Each treasure hunt – running from one to three days – merges history and fantasy, with compelling backstories, real historical figures to investigate and evidence that can be linked back to accurate sources.

“Guests were delighted with the experience and our younger guest could not stop retelling the story of what incredible events they had experienced,’ says Captain Marcel Busse, who worked with Luxury Treasure Hunts during a charter on board on 90 metre Nero. “It’s a memory they will not soon forget.”

Tim Rees | Luxury Treasure Hunts

So, for this Sardinian treasure hunt, it’s all hands on deck as families and charter guests alike will need to work closely together to crack the clues and track down John Rackham's long-lost treasure.

Prices for Luxury Treasure Hunts start from €18,800.

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