10 of the best anchorages in Ibiza

Cala Vedella

For such a small island Ibiza offers plenty of sheltered anchorages for little fishing boats and superyachts alike, all with the picturesque charm the region is famous for. Rachael Steele, of specialist charter brokers Charterworld.com, a company that organises bespoke superyacht vacations, discovers the best anchorages in Ibiza.

1. Cala Vedella

Protected from all but the strongest westerly winds, this anchorage has the added benefit of a sheltered beach where children can play. The nearby park along with the eateries and supermarkets make this a popular stop for cruisers to stock up on the essentials and stretch aching sea legs.

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Cala Jondal

Close to Ibiza Town and on the southernmost side of the island is this gorgeous rocky bay, consisting of extended headlands that seem to call to superyachts during the summer months. For fine cocktails and upbeat music beside lapping topaz waters, the Ibiza Blue Marlin Beach Club opens at 10am and keeps the drinks flowing until midnight, seven days a week.

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Cala d'Hort

A short distance north of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, Cala d'Hort is a lesser-known anchorage exposed to east winds. White cliff faces are topped with tumbling rocky red tones and lush green foliage in an area that has plenty of natural charm.

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Cala Talamanca

Located just east of Ibiza Town, this bay is a popular alternative to the marina in the next bay. Beach clubs and restaurants are strung along the Cala Talamanca waterfront, so even if you choose to have a night away from the island's capital, your group will still have a wide selection of watering holes to choose from.

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Cala Portinatx

Although not as picturesque as some of the other anchorages in Ibiza, the vast choice of restaurants, clubs and bars will be worth the stop for those cruising on the north-west side of the party island. Most swimmers can be found on the beach adjacent of Restaurante Zulu, leaving the rest of the bay for luxury yachts to make use as a sheltered anchorage where the winds can only enter from the north.

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of the best anchorages in Ibiza

West of Cala Portinax is a larger bay containing three beaches that is more exposed to the elements, but the perfect setting for a romantic evening meal before a night of stargazing from your sundeck Jacuzzi.

When morning arrives there's no need to rush off, as the area provides the ideal setting to play with the superyacht's water toy collection — and the area offers a few of its own: Rope swings hang from rocky shelves for fun in the sun for all ages, and the shallow water is an excellent place for beginner swimmers to practise and snorkel. Rustic beach huts hide the local fishing boats and the pink cliffs that surround the azure waters create a photo opportunity not to be missed.

Cala Benirrás / Port de Sant Miquel

Cala Benirrás and Port de Sant Miquel share the same stretch of undulating coast and provide plenty of evening entertainment at the clubs: Sundays offer a raucous evening of music along the Cala Benirrás beach and Port de Sant Miquel has a good selection of restaurants. The nature trails around the area are a fun family activity and will reinvigorate anyone yearning for dry land flora and fauna.

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Cala Salada

Located north of San Antonio, Cala Salada is a popular anchorage in the perfect location for a day of sightseeing and shopping in this bustling Ibizan city. Whether your group is experienced with all the water toys or just starting out, the serene water and captivating terracotta-coloured surroundings make a memorable spot for any kayaking or paddleboarding trip.

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Cala Bassa

Close to San Antonio are the caves and grottoes of Cala Bassa, which catches the north-west wind. It’s an attractive stretch of coastline that offers more of the pale sand beaches and historic buildings that make Ibiza a much-loved attraction in the Western Mediterranean.

The Cala Bassa Beach Club offers a place to enjoy a round of sundowners surrounded by ancient juniper trees. Be aware that the club is open until the early hours, and light sleepers are recommended to anchor further north in the deeper waters.

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Cala Conta

Consisting of soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters bested only by the striking sunsets, Cala Conta is popular with sunbathers and swimmers. If you want to avoid the eyes of the bystanders, the nearby bays and coves will provide similar shelter without the beaches that make this area such a draw.

Wildlife lovers in the group might want to cruise close to Illa de s'Espartar, which hosts the Western Mediterranean's largest European storm petrel colony as well as a colony of the endangered Eleonora's falcon.

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