Revealed: The 24 winners of the World Superyacht Awards 2016

Quality and Value Award


Presented to a nominated yacht in any class, the Quality and Value Award recognises a yacht which, in the judges opinion, represents particularly high quality, while avoiding any undue escalation in high cost. Fittingly, the yachts entering for consideration in this award category must declare their cost. This year, the award was presented to Nashwan, a 37.3-metre Majesty 122 motor yacht built by Gulf Craft in the UAE.

Over the last few years, the quality of the yachts emerging from this builder have greatly increased, and this was certainly reflected in Nashwan. Not only is this yacht built to a high standard in all areas, but it displayed a spacious layout that includes a tender garage and a commodious crew area, as well as good on-board facilities for the owner and his guests. In the judges opinion, this yacht is well suited to entry-level Mediterranean and Gulf cruising. In terms of winning this particular prize, she represents extremely good value in respect of her $9.5-million price tag.

Length: 37.3m

Builder:  Gulf Craft

Naval Architect: Gulf Craft

Exterior Design: Gulf Craft Design Studios

Interior Design: Gulf Craft Design Studio

Legacy Award

Jim Clark

Words by Alice Huisman, Royal Huisman

We have been privileged to know Jim Clark as a client and a valued friend for over twenty years.

Jim’s intellect, ambition and energy enabled him to overcome serious challenges early in life to earn a master’s Degree in Physics and a PhD in Computer Science. His scientific rigour and entrepreneurial talent led to globally successful businesses, such as Silicon Graphics (the world leader in visual effects and 3-D imaging) and Netscape.

Jim Clark entrusted our yard with the build of three custom superyachts: the 47m sloop Hyperion, the 90-metre three-masted schooner Athena and the 42-metre Super-J Class Hanuman. Each project was bold, individual, and exceptional; each charged with the same intensity of drive for innovation and challenge.

Hyperion demanded the most sophisticated alarm monitoring, control and navigation systems the industry had ever seen. We were fortunate that our client not only knew what he wanted, but how to write the software! The superyacht industry has benefited ever since.

Athena was the yacht that just kept on growing. As it approached 90 metres, my father realised his building hall could be extended no further and even suggested Jim might take the build elsewhere. But Jim had only one builder in mind and his ability to motivate and encourage came to the fore. Athena became the proudest launch of my father’s career.

The Super-J Hanuman appears more straightforward. But Jim’s intellectual curiosity and quest for perfection ensured there was no shortage of constructive challenge. The rig was a particular focus, with five specialist organisations cooperating to achieve regatta success with the most powerful, aerodynamic and fine-tuneable sailplan possible.

And we cannot ignore Comanche. The Sydney-Hobart line honours winner and world’s most advanced 100-foot racing machine is yet another example of how Jim Clark never does anything by halves.

Neither can we ignore Jim’s philanthropy. He has made substantial donations to the academic world as well as to marine conservation. His long-term support for the Oceanic Preservation Society has included making Athena freely available to its scientists and campaigners. He is also a major funder of director Louie Psihoyos’ award-winning eco thrillers The Cove and Racing Extinction. Jim’s boldness and love of innovation, his challenge and motivation mean that every yacht he has created has been a masterpiece of its genre. His impact on our entire industry – inspirationally as well as technologically – is without equal.

Sailing Yacht of the Year 2016


The Sailing Yacht of the Year is selected by the judges from among the winners of the two sailing yacht classes. This was a difficult choice as both contenders were considered to be exceptional sailing yachts, but the final decision was made in Unfurled’s favour.

Although the yacht’s clean flush-deck appearance was admired by the judges, this decision was largely made on technological grounds. In particular, the judges applauded her custom-designed retractable propeller pods, which greatly reduce hydrodynamic drag while retracted in sailing mode, together with the pair of lightweight thrusters, again retractable and custom designed to enhance sailing efficiency.

The Vitters- designed power steering system that provides both lightness of operation and the ‘feedback’ associated with manual systems was also admired by the judges, as was the custom headsail storage, which stows large headsails on two drums positioned below the foredeck, easing sail-changes and reducing damage to the sails.

Length: 46m

Builder: Vitters Shipyard

Naval Architect: Frèrs Naval Architecture & Engineering

Exterior Design: Frèrs Naval Architecture & Engineering

Interior Design: Stirling & Co

Motor Yacht of the Year 2016


The judges select the Motor Yacht of the Year from among the winners of all nine motor yacht classes, but despite this wide choice they had little difficulty choosing the 83.5-metre Feadship, Savannah for this accolade.

Not only is this an inspirationally elegant yacht, but its quality of design and construction - right down to the last detail – demonstrated the level of craftsmanship to which many aspire but few achieve. Beyond these attributes was its pioneering propulsion package - the first of its type - blending a single diesel engine driving an oversized propeller, while three gensets power an azimuthing thruster positioned just aft of the diesel-driven propeller. In normal drive mode, the azimuthing thruster faces forward, contra-rotating with the aft-facing propeller to attain a high level of efficiency, while when manoeuvring or in DPS mode the thrusters can be rotated to provide the necessary thrust in whatever direction.

This incredible yacht that excels in all aspects is a worthy winner of the Motor Yacht of the Year Award.

Length: 83.5m

Builder: Feadship

Naval Architect: Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects

Exterior Design: CG Design/Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects

Interior Design: CG Design

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