World Superyacht Awards Motor and Sailing Yacht of the Year

14 May 2014 • Written by Risa Merl

While each of the World Superyacht Awards winners stand out in her class, there are two yachts that rise above them all to be named Motor Yacht and Sailing Yacht of the Year. Find these standout vessels below, followed by a special award to a yacht noted for her quality and value.

Motor Yacht of the Year – Sponsored by Embraer Executive Jets

Madame Gu – 99m Feadship

Chosen from the winners in the motor yacht categories, the Motor Yacht of the Year Award honours the very best motor yacht delivered to its owners in 2013. While size is not a factor in deciding this award, this year the judges felt that the prize should go to the largest yacht – Madame Gu – as this was also the most deserving. Built by Feadship with exterior and interior design from Andrew Winch Designs, Madame Gu is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful yachts afloat. Judges’ visits to the yacht revealed a superb quality of structural build, while the design and installation of the mechanical elements and systems, and the perfection of the interior joinery and decoration was absolutely beyond reproach.

Sailing Yacht of the Year – Sponsored by Embraer Executive Jets

Inukshuk – 32.64m Baltic Yachts

After consideration of the two sailing yacht class winners, the judges voted almost unanimously to select superyacht Inukshuk, a 32.6-metre sloop built by Baltic Yachts in Finland, for this prestigious award. The decision was largely based on their recognition that this yacht provided an optimal balance between its excellent sailing performance and the high degree of comfort and customisation offered to its owner. Contributing factors were her elegant looks that derive from the drawing board of German Frers, uncluttered deck spaces, and state-of-the-art sailing systems, as well as the high standards of construction seen both in the structure of the vessel and its interior finish by Adam Lay Studio.

Quality and Value Award – Sponsored by Hodgdon Yachts

Ileria – 50.4m Proteksan-Turquoise

Superyacht Ileria is the winner of the World Superyacht Award for Quality and Value

The judges are always asked to compare and assess yachts whose operational qualities and owner facilities are very similar to others in their class, but whose building costs differ greatly. Class winners are recognised for being the very best example of the year, but such is the nature of yacht building that the winning yacht can incorporate infinitesimal gains at extreme cost, while yachts that are built to an extremely high, but less costly, standard often do not get recognition despite the fact that they may offer a very comparable level of owner amenity and operational facilities. Such yachts qualify for the ‘Quality and Value Award’, and this year the judges chose to recognise superyacht Ileria, built by Proteksan-Turquoise Yachts, as a yacht that represents excellent value for money. She is an eminently worthy winner.

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