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2020 Winner Valentin Weigand collecting his Neptune on stage at the Design and Innovation Awards 2020

Young Designer of the Year Award 2021 finalists announced

3 March 2021

The finalists of the 2021 Young Designer of the Year competition have been revealed. In association with Oceanco, this year’s competition tasked designers to create a 90 metre explorer yacht concept for a client wanting to cruise the higher latitudes. In their concepts, the designers needed to include onboard facilities to accommodate scientific research, as well as numerous tenders, a helicopter and any other necessary equipment. The task also called for designers to use their imagination and skill to layout the yacht’s interior to meet the client’s requests. After receiving and assessing the entries, the Young Designer of the Year Award judges have chosen the top six designs...

The winner of the Young Designer of the Year Award will be announced on BOAT International on 1 July.

Ana Čeović

Concept Name: Phoenix
Nationality: Croatian
Education: Politecnico di Milano
Designer Statement:
The exterior of Phoenix is both functional and robust, while the interior is warm and inviting to contrast the cold landscapes that are to surround it. The main saloon is a large open space with a frameless glass wall that connects the indoor and outdoor areas, but also provides the owner with protection from the harsh outside conditions. In contrast, the interior is cosy with a fireplace in the main saloon, while the continuation of wooden surfaces and natural materials throughout the design create a warm, sauna-like environment. The yacht offers open space on every deck, including a private terrace for the owner’s cabin. The sundeck includes a greenhouse-style bar and a sunbathing area, providing yet another option for the owner and guests to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without compromising comfort.

Onur Kiren

Concept Name: Revival
Nationality: Turkish
Education: Yıldız Technical University
Designer Statement:
The Revival concept takes its inspiration from Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, with revitalisation at the heart of the design. The 'Element Hall' embodies the mystical quadruple of water, air, earth and fire, and is a unique space designed to awaken feelings of revival and restoration. To keep the guests feeling healthy and refreshed, there is a fitness and wellness centre that includes a swimming pool, massage facilities, Turkish bath, sauna and ice pool. Additionally, this explorer yacht has its own underwater observatory, diving chamber, submarine and fully-certified heliport. Revival has the capacity to host 12 guests in total which includes two VIP suites, three guest cabins and one master stateroom. Other facilities include a 100-metre track, indoor and outdoor cinemas, sunbathing terrace, game room, a library and a photography suite. As a result, with its distinctively meaningful design and nature, Revival looks forward to providing its guests with inspired emotions and a sense of restoration.

Jasper Langeree

Concept Name: Frigus
Nationality: Dutch
Education: Rotterdam Mainport Institute
Designer Statement:
The name Frigus, meaning cold in Latin, pays tribute to the high latitudes in which this yacht will be cruising. Designed with strong and muscular lines and a colour scheme that makes her appearance tough, it is clear that this 90 metre is not a conventional yacht, but one meant for adventure, activities and scientific research. One of the most unusual features of the design that stands out is the certified helicopter landing pad with a retractable helicopter garage on the aft deck. Also, at the request of the owner, outdoor space for sunning has been limited but the bridge deck area has been designed for lounging, including a jacuzzi, bar, outdoor kitchen and dining table. The interior, meanwhile, has been designed to focus on the view-factor and can accommodate up to 12 guests with an underwater lounge, a pool on the lower deck and a wellness centre. Other facilities include a cinema, wine cellar and an observation lounge. The adventurous drive of the owner is reflected in the toys: the yacht features two eight metre tenders, one 10 metre tender, a Triton submarine, snowmobiles, jet skis, mountain bikes, rafts and storage for dive and ski gear.

Marvin Schmidt

Concept Name:  Phönix
Nationality: German
Education: Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Designer Statement:
The task was to create both a research vessel and an owner-oriented recreation centre with a high recreational and utility value. The design concept "Phoenix" addresses this two-sidedness and unites the differentiated requirements in an ice-class explorer. The yacht is characterised by well-shaped and consistent lines and impresses with the high degree of integration of technical components. For example, a floodable tender garage was integrated into the soft, defined, dynamic and elegant outer skin of the ship in addition to a helicopter garage. When stored, neither the Airbus 135 helicopter, nor any of the three tenders or the Triton submarine are visible from the outside. This not only enhances the clarity of the exterior design, but also protects the sensitive components from the effects of harsh climates. A modular outdoor area at the bow of the ship, a two-storey main saloon with breathtaking views, a modern laboratory facility, a cinema and a spa are just a few of the many extras found in this concept.

Lorenzo Squadrito

Concept Name: Phoenix
Nationality: Italian
Education: Politecnico di Milano
Designer Statement:
The design is characterised by two unique aspects. The first consists of large "fashion plates" that visually streamline the yacht's profile, while creating an interesting optical illusion that draws the eye, giving the appearance of a greater number of decks than there actually are. It is always important within projects to develop elements related to neuro-architecture and the discipline is the cornerstone of this design. The second aspect is the alternation of using a play of solids to create external areas that are less exposed to the winds and the cold climate, but that still remains coherent and faithful to the surfaces required for the deckhouse. That because these are not to be considered as deckhouses precisely because they are open volumes. Thanks to the innovative, dynamic and modern design devices of the exteriors it is possible to live the experience of direct involvement with the surrounding snowy environment. The welcoming interiors of Phoenix, modern and innovative in form, open up offering the luxury of a warm mountain chalet.

Alessio Trobbiani

Concept Name: Greta
Nationality: Italian
Education: University of Genova
Designer Statement:
This design takes its inspiration from the Sky Garden with sustainability and environmental protection at its core. For the general arrangement, the lower decks are dedicated to crew and tender operations with a dive store and storage for three large tenders. The entrance for guests and the owner can be found on the main deck, which houses a helicopter hangar, as well as laboratories and a workshop at the stern. The internal space of the main deck features four-metre high ceilings, which is a rarity in yachting given the restrictions in space. As an expedition yacht, its robust exterior conveys a feeling of strength and a sense of masculinity with muscular lines along the hull. A "green" ethos is integral to the design, with a photovoltaic roof over the bow providing electricity for long navigations, resulting in a powerful but eco-friendly design.

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