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Thrilled to pieces: Serena Luxury Mosaic's superyacht lighting and glass

4 April 2018

Synonymous in Italy with some of the country’s finest Murano glass works, the Serena family has been creating exquisite decorative pieces since the 16th century. They are even credited with inventing the filigree glass-making technique, one of the most impressive creations of the Italian Renaissance, in which tiny white glass threads are wrapped in different coloured glass and soldered together for a refined decorative effect. Founded in 2015 by descendent Michelangelo Serena, Serena Luxury Mosaic is the latest iteration of the historical glass-making family’s mission to bring the famed “Made in Italy” ethos of luxury art and fine craftsmanship into the world of artistic glass.

The Infinito lamp, crafted from mosaic and filigree blown glass

From the outset, Serena Luxury Mosaic aimed to add a new dimension to the family’s oeuvre by combining, for the first time ever, the arts of Murano blown glass, gold foil work and artistic mosaic while striking a balance between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. Every Serena Luxury Mosaic piece is created by Michelangelo Serena, who sketches each design by hand before assessing the prototype in one of Murano’s oldest and most prestigious glass factories, Gianni Seguso. Once blown, the objects are sent to a laboratory in Spilimbergo, a town just north-east of Venice, where Michelangelo and a team of talented artists carefully apply mosaic tiles with exacting precision.

The realisation of Michelangelo’s vision for Serena Luxury Mosaic marks the first time such a strong bond has been forged between these two art forms and, as such, requires careful attention to ensure the lines of the blown glass offer the right aesthetic and practical balance to the mosaic. This, in addition to the handmade manufacturing processes and intrinsic nature of the materials used, ensures each piece is completely unique, not just in the details, but also in their shape, colour and arrangement. Of course, should the owner want something truly personal, all pieces can be customised to the client’s exact specifications, allowing them to become the artistic director of their own masterpiece.

The Infinito lamp in gold and amber

If space constraints on your yacht mean you’re in search of a beautiful object that also serves a practical purpose, Serena Luxury Mosaic’s Light Collection is the perfect compromise and has been showcased alongside artistic pieces in the Glass Museum at Murano, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel in Venice and international fairs including Euroluce, Salone del Mobile and the Cannes Yachting Festival. Designed to further enhance the natural characteristics of blown glass and the nuances of mosaic via the application of light, each of the lamp structures is made from 24kt-gold-plated stainless steel, while a modular design means the potential colour and shape pairings for the lamp glass and mosaic components are virtually endless. This innovative design form means every client is guaranteed to find a lamp uniquely suited to their interior scheme.

Whether it’s a lamp, vase, glassware or artwork, the charming nature of the design, vividness of colour and impeccable handiwork are common threads that run through Serena Luxury Mosaic’s collections. The result is an art piece bringing together two of the most traditional Italian crafts in one beautiful object to treasure for generations. If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your superyacht interior lighting scheme, then look to Serena Luxury Mosaic.