Lush life: Tropical interiors for exotic yacht destinations
2018-03-01By Mieke ten Have

Whether you escape to the colourful shores or the Caribbean or the unexplored waters of Thailand or the Seychelles, interiors inspiration abounds from exotic destinations around the world. As yachts head for warm waters and tropical ports, Mieke ten Have takes a walk on the wild side with these verdant interior motifs.

A New Leaf: Arjumand's World

In her line of homewares, Arjumand’s World, Idarica Gazzoni often manipulates scale to reorient pattern, as seen here in this set of four banana leaf plates. Hand painted in Italy, the whimsical camouflage-hued set shows cross sections of the tangled leaves.

From $365,

Floral Tribute: House of Hackney

House of Hackney’s Limerence collection, in collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman, is inspired by the gardens of Sri Lanka. The exuberant pattern, on a sofa, chairs, a folding screen and pillows, can be ordered as wallpaper and fabric by the yard.

Sofa from $6,600,

Come Alive: Ardmore Ceramic Art

Ardmore Ceramic Art, the South African artist collective, is loved by collectors for its imaginative, vivid and technically complex works inspired by the region’s flora and fauna. Whether sold as sculpture, or as something more functional like tea cups and soup tureens, Ardmore’s work is one of a kind.


Isles of Wonder: John Derian

Taken from a series of 19th century French prints depicting exotic lands for Western eyes, John Derian’s Bresil, Amazones, Ile de Cuba, and Niger Afrique rectangular trays reproduce the original print and meld it with hand blown glass, creating decoupage pieces ideal as a coffee table centrepiece.

From $80,

By George: George Venson

George Venson’s company Voutsa makes playful, provocative wallpaper, fabric and accessories. This season it launches a collection called Tahitia featuring giant, painterly palm fronds.