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The Post-Lockdown Treatments Everyone's Rushing To Get


With people working remotely the past few months, there's been a lot of scrutiny under the Zoom meeting lens and as a result a boom in demand for cosmetic procedures. We all know how unforgiving the camera can be and those who have been on video call non-stop are those most eager to get under the needle. Medical facilities are backed up for months with appointments to cater to demand, and to help rectify botched jobs from impatient customers' DIY attempts.

Dr Ross Perry the Medical Director of CosmedicsUK says "There's been a few DIY scenarios where people have tried to do skin peels and skin tag removals at home and injuring their skin more than they intended to." Says Dr Perry.

"Some people have tried home wart and mole removals with poor success, from home freezing treatments that have caused scarring, or buying products over the internet that aren't effective".

So what are the five treatments everyone's rushing to get done?


Botox is a great confidence booster for some. Fine lines and wrinkles look a little smoother and less prominent, so it's no surprise to find people wanting a little pick-me-up after if they're regularly on Zoom. According to Dr Perry, there are also a number of customers who have suffered conditions such as Bell's palsy, who rely on botox and fillers to help level out the slackness in their faces, also eager to get back under the needle.


Lip fillers have been hugely popular in recent years and require top-ups every four to six months. Those whose top-ups lapsed with lockdown will be rocking their natural look, which for some people does affect their confidence. Filler touch-up has been one of the more in-demand treatments for those looking for fuller lips, higher cheekbones and to fill out dimples and creases.

Tear Trough Treatment

We can blame our Zoom calls for the scrutiny we've all been giving ourselves, as well as the face masks we're having to wear, putting greater focus on our eye area. This is likely a big contributing factor to the increase in demand in tear trough treatments, where medics will inject filler into the hollows of your eyes to reduce dark rings and sallow skin.

Chemical Peels

Dull days indoors, blue screens and excessive snacking: Lockdown, a short story. Lacklustre skin gets the best of us all at times but even more so now we've been ordered to stay indoors. Chemical peel bookings have been hugely popular post-lockdown as people prepare to venture out into the wild and start taking better care of themselves. The peels eradicate old, dead skin cells and gently buff the surface of your skin to reveal smoother and brighter skin beneath - the perfect skin revival after a stuffy few months.


There's still a large number of people who have spent the last four months working remotely from their sofa or dining table with poor posture, resulting in back pain and hunched shoulders, not to mention those taking up outdoor running and causing themselves injury. Osteos have had an increase in running-related injuries resulting in demand for more sports massages, as well as back massages to iron out peoples poor 'work from home' form.