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The Best Luxury Smartphones To Buy Now

1 September 2020• Written by Olivia Michel

Looking to buy the latest iPhone or Android phone? Here are the best and most unique designer Smartphone models by Huawei, Apple and more that offer far more than your average iPhone... 

Huawei Honor 20 Pro

If taking crisp quality photos is a priority, then opt for Huawei's Honor 20 Pro, which boasts superior photography and video technology. Featuring the brand's first quad camera, combined with an industry-leading f/1.4 wide aperture, this phone will help you capture professional-grade pictures and videos in bright light or at midnight. Dual optical image stabilisation also means that, even if you're riding out some choppy waves on board, images and videos will remain ultra smooth. A slick holographic glass back gives this phone an extra stylish edge, and an all-day battery means you'll never miss a moment.


Mi Mix 2 by Philippe Starck for Xiaomi

Legendary designer Philippe Starck, most famous in the yachting world for his hand in the designs of Motor Yacht ASenses and Venus among others, has turned his talents to technology with a second smartphone design for Chinese company Xiaomi. In line with the designer's signature rule-breaking style the Mi Mix 2 smartphone features an aluminium ceramic body and edgeless display with a 5.99" full-HD screen. The Mi Mix also offers both wired and wireless charging as well as a five megapixel front camera and 12 megapixel rear camera and a huge 128Gb of storage.


Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 offers enhanced connectivity, high-quality photography and optimum storage space all in one package. The intergrated 5G modem means that you'll have extremely swift downloading speeds while watching movies and shows on the go, and 8K video and 33MP stills rival the photographic standards of any other smartphone out there. Offering the most enhanced zoom ever provided on a Samsung smartphone, you'll be able to catch up close shots while wildlife spotting on board your superyacht. The phone exterior also comes in a range of candy-coloured pastel hues to chose from.


24ct Gold iPhone 11 Pro Superior Noir Edition by Stuart Hughes

If you're into phones that are as glitzy as your jewellery, then look no further than Stuart Hughes. This iPhone 11 features an embellished 24 carat frame, finished with an onyx home button, and ebony wood and black crocodile leather backing. All the usual iPhone features, and a 512gb handset able to access all networks worldwide, ensures that this iPhone is just as practical as it is pretty.


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