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The Best Home Workout Equipment For Your Superyacht Gym

2 October 2020 • Written by Holly Overton

Time spent on board your superyacht shouldn’t mean relinquishing your commitment to health and fitness, but there is no denying that buying exercise equipment for use at sea can be a little more complicated. Make sure you stay in top condition wherever you are with our guide to the best high-tech gym equipment for your superyacht gym

Technogym Skillbike

Developed in collaboration with athletes, trainers and academic researchers, the Skillbike is the first stationary bike with a real mechanical gear shift and the ability to incline and decline from -3 per cent up to +15 per cent. As a result, you can challenge yourself to some of the toughest hill climbs imaginable – you can even download famous routes via Strava – using real road cycling skills while benefiting from continual pedal-stroke analysis to enhance your technique.

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Tom Dixon Rock Dumbbells

Bringing together artistic design with purpose, these rock dumbells from British Designer, Tom Dixon, will look tasteful in any home gym. Perfect for workouts at sea, the weights are made from a single piece of marble in forest green with beautiful, natural detailing. Weighing in at 2.5kg these are best for low-impact workouts. 

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NOHrD SlimBeam

Space-saving and stylish, the SlimBeam cable station is a multifunctional exercise machine offering a maximal workout in a minimal space. Measuring just 215cm high and 40cm wide, it's ideal for gyms with limited space. The SlimBeam features a swivelling butterfly system allowing you to work on both sides of your body, and can be set at any height. Inside, 14 rubberised 5kg weight plates sit discreetly in the wood body encasement. The SlimBeam comes in a variety of materials and colours.

NOHrD SlimBeam, £1,499.00

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Tangram smart rope

The 23 LEDs in the rope are connected to magnetic sensors so your fitness data is displayed in mid-air as you jump. Much like in an animated film, the LEDs fire at different times as the Smart Rope rotates, cleverly creating the appearance of a single display floating in front of you. Stats shown include jump count, calories burned, interval training data and more. Two sets of ball bearings in each handle ensure smooth, natural motion. As one of the top 10 cardio exercises, skipping is serious exercise and can burn up to 1,300 calories per hour, improve balance and tone muscles.

Smart Rope, £80

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Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Sport Headphones

With no wires to hold you back, meet Beats’ latest sport earphones. Key features include customisable ear hooks for extended comfort and stability, while the design is reinforced for sweat and water residence for intense cardio blasts. Each earbud has full volume control with up to nine hours of listening time, and if you’re low on battery, the Fast Fuel feature gives you 1.5 hours of power from a 5-minute charge. Motion sensors detect when they’re idle and put them in sleep mode, and the music resumes automatically when you pop them back in your ears.

Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Sport Headphones, £219

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Fuoripista Exercise Bike

Fitness equipment need not be utilitarian and ugly. To prove this point, one of the most stylish exercise bikes available is the Fuoripista by Italy’s Adriano Design. Crafted from tempered glass and expertly turned wood with accents of chrome, the bike is not to be hidden in an onboard gym but is an object of desire in its own right. The classic leather Brooks saddle ensures your stationary ride is a comfortable one, while the iPad integration allows you to tackle some of the most spectacular virtual cycling routes in the world, displayed on the tablet that can be mounted on the front of the bike.

Fuoripista exercise bike, POA

Technogym Skillmill

Unlike the traditional treadmill you drive the belt yourself by running on it. This has no motor. To go faster you move slightly forward on the curved belt; to slow down you move backward. Sessions are great fun as you must concentrate to stay balanced and this makes workouts more intense (and more effective) than a traditional treadmill. It is loaded with tech and connects to your phone, allowing you or your trainer to programme, record and track workouts.

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Bowflex SelectTech 1090i adjustable dumbbells

What’s clever about the Bowflex SelectTech system is that it allows you to replace up to 34 dumbbells with just one set – making them the ideal yacht weights. Simply turn the dial on the side, and you can change the resistance from 4kg all the way up to 41kg. The system should be good for more than 30 separate exercises, too.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090i adjustable dumbbells, £599

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Technogym Bike Personal

Designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio, Technogym's personal exercise bike is as practical as it is pretty. If its slick design with micropolished steel and aluminium doesn't win you over, perhaps its high-tech digital and biomechanical functions will. The bike is connected to a MyWellness Cloud digital platform, which offers a range of training programs dedicated to fitness, sport and health, so you can leave your personal trainer onshore. You can change resistance with a touch of your finger, while built-in hand sensors measure your heart rate, so you always get to train at the right pace. Plus, a wireless charging platform allows you to recharge your phone while you work out.

Technogym Bike Personal, £8,250.00

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NOHrD TriaTrainer Bench

The TriaTrainer is a contemporary and super functional piece of gym equipment. An innovative take on the lowly gym bench, the TriaTrainer can be set up in a number of ways depending on what muscle group you're looking to target in your workout. Work abs and core in the closed position, back muscles and glutes on the semi-bench, and all other bench workouts (with or without free weights) on the full extension. After your workout, you can easily stow the bench in its closed position.

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Theragun 24K Gold Edition G3PRO

Forget foam rollers, recovery is faster and more targeted with the Theragun, a therapy device that acts like a masseuse as it beats your muscles into submission. Maybe that's hyperbole, but really it's quite gentle and requires little pressure as it provides deep-tissue recovery to relieve muscle tension and aid flexibility. Great post-work out, or even pre-work out to help your muscles warm up, it takes only a couple of minutes on each area and the triangular handle makes manoeuvring easy. The Theragun is now available in a luxe 24k gold edition.

Technogym Kinesis Personal

Showcasing a sleek design tailored towards low-impact workouts, Kinesis Personal offers up to 200 exercises all within one square metre of space. This cable machine has been developed to increase strength, flexibility and balance, and allows users activate the entire body. The workload can be selected with one simple touch on the easy-to-use and stylish interface. Just turn the setting to see the resistance level seamlessly change from 0 to 20 on a touch-screen display.

Technogym Kinesis Personal, £10,900.00

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