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Maserati Reveals New Ghibli Hybrid Luxury Car
2020-07-16By Olivia Michel

In an online only world premiere, luxury car manufacturer Maserati has revealed its newest model. The Ghibli Hybrid is the first electric car to be produced by the brand, and will be available for European customers to purchase from September 2020.

The car will be powered by a four cylinder, 2 litre petrol engine that works together with a 48 volt mild hybrid system to reduce emissions. The smart system enables energy to be collected when breaking or decelerating that will charge the battery, allowing additional power to be supplied to the engine to reduce fuel consumption.

Able to reach a top speed of just under 160 miles per hour, Francesco Tonon, head of product planning has described the Ghibli Hybrid car as "the best in its class in terms of specific power," with an engine that makes it "faster than diesel and more sustainable than gasoline," when compared to other cars in the market.

And for those who are worried that a hybrid engine would be too quiet for their liking, Tonon has assured customers that by tweaking the dynamics of the exhaust, the Ghibli Hybrid will still produce the distinctive "Maserati sound" when jumping into action.

Speaking about the exterior look of the car, designer Rossella Guasco explained that the Gibli Hybrid features "a completely new colour for the exterior body. A striking evocative grey – a metallic, medium-tone colour with aluminium flakes, which spark under the light of the sun."

Guasco also pointed out that the body of the car is accented by "a touch of cobalt blue" which is also seen in throughout the interior stitching.

This new Maserati model will also be suitably futuristic in terms of connectivity. Theo-Han Jansen, head of e-mobility and connectivity at Maserati, has described features such as built-in, real-time connected navigation for planning your journeys, a new multimedia setup and automated health-checking system, as well as additional safety and security features. There’s also a hands-free control option when connecting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant systems.

"The Ghibli Hybrid is truly an intelligent car" said Jansen.

The Maserati Ghibli Hybrid will enter production in September 2020 at the company's facilities in Turin, and will start arriving in showrooms shortly after.

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