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Your Ultimate Summer Hair Care Guide

2 September 2020 • Written by Kelly Sullivan

With all the good that comes from a summer holiday including a boost of vitamin D and enviable beach wave hair, the sun, sea and swimming pool can quickly damage your hair, particularly if you've got dyed hair. Like ourselves and our skin, hair needs care and attention, a little TLC to keep it on the right track. With the help of Brogan Locke of MichaelJohn Belgravia, we round up the best hair care products and expert tips to protect your hair from sun damage and discolouration so you can your holiday in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or wherever it is your superyacht takes you, without fearing for your new cut and colour.

Start With The Scalp

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. There’s skin on your scalp just like the rest of you and often we neglect it to the point of it protesting in flaky, inflamed outrage. To minimise flaking in the heat, use a scalp scrub ahead of your holiday and again when you return. The top of your head has the hot day sun beating down on it, throw in scalp-drying chlorine and cue the itching.  A scrub will lift rebuff the surface of the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. 

Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask

Give your scalp a head-start ahead of your vacation and use twice weekly when exposed to the sun. Your scalp will thank you, as will your hair follicles. We recommend the Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask which soothes irritation thanks to the menthol and gently exfoliates thanks ot the salicylic acid.

£57 from John Lewis

Olaplex Salon Treatment

Aside from taking the obvious steps such as rinsing your hair after every dip in the pool or sea, a pre-holiday Olaplex treatment will go a long way in saving your hair from chlorine damage. 

"Olaplex in-salon treatment is a must, especially on clients with coloured hair that’s been lightened," says Brogan Locke "It prevents the bonds breaking and prolongs the condition of the hair." The Olaplex in-salon treatment has three steps, the first two of which are done in the salon and the final a hair mask applied after every wash at home. 

£65 from MichaelJohn 

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Use Protection

Hair naturally protects our head from UV but the hot, drying sun can damage our locks even more so if we've dyed our hair. You'll be grateful in the long run if you add some protection and don't undo all the good your last hair salon visit did.

Sachajuan Hair In The Sun

When your hair is exposed, apply Sachajuan Hair In The Sun with its UV filters to protect from the rays and its sweet, summer-smelling formula that's a pleasure to work through your tresses. The cream has some hold to it, for easy beach-side styling.

£20 from All Beauty

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NUXE Hair Sun Protection

Be saltwater savvy to avoid dried out-brassy hair. Whilst saltwater might give you those enviable beach waves, it’s naturally drying and will feed on coloured hair quickly. This moisturising milk from Nuxe is water resistant (so it’s not going to protect if you’re deep-sea diving) and will add some protection against salt water and chlorine to prevent it from becoming dry and damaged.

£9.80 from Look Fantastic

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Cleanse With Care

When cleaning hair after a day in the pool or the sea, you don't want anything too harsh. Heavy surfactants will strip hair of moisture even more than it has already been so and can cause irritation to your scalp.

Kerastase Bain Après Soleil Shampoo

Creamier, more hydrating and gentle shampoos are the best ones for your hair and scalp. We recommend the Kérastase Soleil Bain after sun shampoo, a gel-based shampoo enriched with coconut water to hydrate, if you've spent a fair amount of time in the water, we'd suggest a double wash.

$35 from Kerastase

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

"If your hair has prolonged exposure to the suns UVA and UVB rays it can damage the outside cover of your hair strand (the cuticle)," says Brogan. The loss of moisture can make hair brittle and more vulnerable to damage. When we say keep it hydrated, we’re not just talking about drinking H2O throughout the day, but also about pumping hydration back into moisture-sapped tresses. 

Windle Ultra Nourishing Masque

Coloured hair has a greater penchant for drying out and breaking. During the warmer months and particularly when on holiday, a moisturising hair mask twice a week will go a long way to securing a good hair day. This Windle Ultra Nourishing Hair Masque is a firm favourite of ours, one use will leave hair feeling soft, smooth and well-loved.

£34 from Trouva

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Fake It 'till You Make It

If you don't want to risk compromising your new cut and colour, recreate the beach waves at home without any of the damage.

OUAI Wave Spray

We can't deny we love those natural beach waves! The bottled beach waves are better than the real deal, for you hair that is. Our personal favourite, Ouai Wave Spray, is enriched with rice protein to support your hair's structure whilst adding hold and enhancing those natural curls.

£22 from John Lewis

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