A versatile builder of luxury sailing yachts, motor yachts and superyachts as well as commercial vessels, Derecktor Shipyards has facilities in Mamaroneck, N.Y., and Dania, Florida.


Boat builder and yacht designer Bob Derecktor opened shop in Mamaroneck in 1947. Building small wooden sailing yachts by hand with just a few workers, Derecktor soon gained a reputation for his dedication to quality and exacting attention to detail.

In the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, Derecktor was one of the foremost U.S. builders of racing sailboats, including many Sparkman & Stephens designs and several 12-metre America’s Cup contenders. In the ’90s, the shipyard delivered the 35-metre luxury motor yacht Mit-Sea-Ah, confirming its ability to build power as well as sailing vessels.

Today, led by Paul Derecktor, Bob’s son, the Mamaroneck Shipyard continues to build custom luxury yachts and commercial vessels in a variety of materials, including aluminium, steel and high-tech composites. Derecktor’s Florida shipyard is known for providing yacht refits and service.

Notable Yacht

The most significant yacht launched by Derecktor in the 21st century is the 85-metre Cakewalk, the largest superyacht to be built in the U.S. since 1930. Designed by Tim Heywood and delivered in 2010, Cakewalk features one of the world’s most innovative tender bays, packed with custom tenders and toys.


Derecktor Shipyards builds custom luxury sailing and motor yachts, high-speed ferries, tugboats and other commercial vessels. It also offers a full range of refit, repower and service work, aided (at the Mamaroneck shipyard) by am 820-ton mobile metric lift.

Derecktor   85.6 m •  2010
Derecktor   45.5 m •  2024
Derecktor   35.05 m •  1989
Derecktor   34.75 m •  1993
Derecktor   34.14 m •  2000
Derecktor   32.31 m •  2003
Derecktor   31.09 m •  1991
Derecktor   29.14 m •  1996
Derecktor   26.82 m •  1979
Derecktor   26.82 m •  1998
Derecktor   24.54 m •  1984