Revealed: The design journey of the 81m Turquoise concept Bora

22 January 2021

H2 Yacht Design reveals more about the design of the 81 metre superyacht concept Bora.

How did the design come about?

Following on from the success of the 77 metre Turquoise superyacht Go delivered in 2018, we were approached by the yard to produce a new design for the Monaco Yacht Show. They had started construction on an 80 metre hull so much of the 77 metre Go general arrangement was repeated on this wider hull while the super structure volumes remained near identical.

What was the brief for the project?

There was no brief as such other than to retain the volumes of the Go superstructure. The design evolved out of a combination of features and identified requirements. Essentially we were trying to improve on Go using the extra space available.

What is the inspiration behind the design?

The concept direction was to focus on a more sporty ‘fast back’ appearance with lines and details borrowed from classic automotive design, whilst retaining a certain amount of Go’s DNA.

What is your favourite feature or space of the design?

The main deck aft is impressive area with a fantastic pool and a variety of relaxation areas both in and out of the sun. I imagine this be a great day time family space.

What was the most challenging part of the design?

As with most of our concept designs, we are always looking to add details or features that try to make the design stand out from the rest whilst always considering how it can be built. I believe this design achieved that with features in the hull and grille details on the bridge deck.

What has the feedback been in response to the design?

The response has been great. Since the first design for the Monaco Yacht Show in 2018 the design still continues to create interest. The design has evolved slightly over time and a number of paint combinations were explored leading to the model being repainted and represented in Monaco in 2019.