Made to match: Why custom-made gym equipment is the ultimate accessory

18 April 2021

Think of the time and energy spent on designing the details of a new yacht. From lay-outs and material selections to art and furniture brands, most owners choose to get intimately involved in the look and feel of the boat. And it’s no wonder, because a yacht is a project born of passion; a rare blend of vision and the art of the possible. So why should the gym on board be any exception?

Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors is the brainchild of Briton Edward Thomas, who founded the business after a spell crewing on superyachts. It was always his aim to ensure that the passion owners had for their yachts could equally be met when it came to designing the on-board gym. Thomas soon realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to high-end custom gym equipment. It was an opportunity he grasped with gusto.

His first bespoke article was the beautiful Diabolo dumbbell, created with a unique anti-roll design for a superyacht refit project at Pendennis. “The client asked us to use rich Sapele wood for the handles, to match the dominant wood seen around the interior of the boat,” says Thomas. “We sourced the wood from the shipyard’s leftover stock and created a beautiful set of custom weights for the client, which features the yacht’s logo etched into the end plates.”

Diabolo Dumbells

Since then the range of custom kit has grown, alongside a list of clients which includes some of the most celebrated superyachts of recent years. Naturally enough, there are elegant A-frame weight racks to store custom dumbbells – available in a choice of woods. “When investing in luxury dumbbells, it makes sense to display them in an equally stunning rack,” says Thomas. “We’ve done them in ebony and mahogany for demanding clients, all with a bespoke end-plate.”

There are also custom weight benches and a bespoke wall-bar system in an eye-catching combination of woods and metals. Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors has even developed its own space-saving folding bench, adjustable to suit any position you need for your workout. Finishing options are endless, but superyacht clients favour the gleaming 316 stainless steel.

GM Custom Bench and A-Frame

Thomas and his team have also curated some stylish equipment that lends itself well to superyacht gyms. Such as the water grinder from NOHrD, whose sinuous form in a choice of fine woods borders on art. Or there’s the premium leather upper-cut bag from Tuf-Wear, with its unique tenpin skittle shape.

Yachts, of course, must function in demanding conditions – they are not simply volumes in which to live. That means that the spaces on board are sometimes smaller than they would be in a building, and access can also be tricky. Not all standard gym equipment will fit, therefore, and Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors has considerable expertise at working with the world’s best-loved brands to find solutions. It offers a made-to-order service which can provide weight machines with limited heights, for instance, or bespoke storage solutions. “No request is too big for Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors,” says Thomas simply.

To discuss bespoke gym equipment for a superyacht or residential gym project, or to learn about the new GM Custom range launching with Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors in early 2021, get in touch with them today.