Riva in the Movie: Celebrating Riva's cinematic history

25 November 2020

Riva’s starring role in the history of cinema has been celebrated in the new coffee table book Riva in the Movie.

Uniting the intertwining worlds of cinema and yachting across 300 glossy pages, Riva in the Movie plots the appearances of classic Riva yachts in cinema and television.

From the James Bond franchise to Agatha Christie mysteries, Riva in the Movie shines a spotlight on 39 movies filmed across a period of 60 years, with each film accompanied by a comprehensive overview of the starring Riva model.

Backstage photography provides candid insight into Hollywood A-listers including Pierce Brosnan, Sophia Loren, George Clooney and Brigitte Bardot across some of the world’s most glamorous locations such as Venice and the French Riviera.

Speaking about the book, Ferretti Group chief executive Alberto Galassi said: “At Ferretti Group, we have had the honour, as well as the magnificent yet tremendous responsibility of flying the standard of the most famous brand in the world of sailing for over twenty years.

Carlo Riva continued to show his support over the years, and we will never stop feeling his presence, as his genius is rooted in the DNA of these extraordinary speedboats. This book is dedicated to him and to his life.”

Riva in the Movie is available for sale from rivaboutique.it for €120.

Watch Riva's promotional video for Riva in the Movies below.