Vripack: The Foundation of Design


On the face of it, a design studio is responsible for conceiving the aesthetics. Whether it be interior layout or exterior styling, the design is the bit that everyone sees and appreciates. But there’s so much more to Vripack’s yacht design than just that. Scratch the surface, and what becomes apparent is that every line, angle and curve that the Dutch studio crafts is informed by an engineer’s eye and underpinned by a naval architectural approach. When it comes to sketching a Vripack yacht, the worlds of design and naval architecture are inseparable.

Combined in-house naval architecture expertise

It takes real skill to create a beautiful boat that is unencumbered by range, location or size. Skill that has been honed by six decades of combined in-house naval architectural expertise. Experience cannot be bought, only learned over time. You need to understand the rules in order to bend, push and innovate. To live and breathe yachting in order to place the owner at the centre of that experience. By taking a "human centred design" approach, Vripack captures the imagination and translates it into tangible emotions. Only when your designs offer a symbiotic solution can you truly test the waters of what can be achieved.

Vripack has carved a name out for itself as the go-to design studio for rugged explorer vessels. Many of the few yachts that have cruised the foreboding Northwest Passage hail from a Vripack drawing board. These are boats capable of carving through ice, withstanding high seas and carrying their guests in comfort and safety to some of the most inhospitable locations on Earth. A Vripack yacht combines purpose with beauty, and power with performance. That’s why the name Vripack stands for the complete solution.