the 6 biggest yacht disasters of 2015

Sunseeker Manhattan 50 sunk off Ibiza

While we consider it our privilege to celebrate the best in superyachting, we also take note when things go less than perfectly as these can be great learning experiences.

From yacht fires to superyacht sinkings, see the biggest yacht disaster stories of the year so far.

1. Sunseeker Manhattan 50 sinks

It's the pictures of this yacht sinking that make it remarkable - this yachting disaster was even captured on video before the user pulled it from YouTube.

This Sunseeker Manhattan 50 sank off Ibiza in September, when she hit a submerged reef. The charter yacht had two on board, who got off unhurt.

Footage of the yacht at the bottom of the sea bed was captured by a diver for insurance purposes, but was later removed. It's not know what caused the accident, as the yacht was equipped with a full range of navigational equipment.

"It's the first time that it's happened in 20 years of chartering," said Tracey Furness of Lifestyle Charters, which charters the yacht. "What we need to be doing around here is marking all the reefs with buoys."

First reported by with pictures captured by

Superyacht Aloha sinking off Mykonos

Biggest sinking story of the year

In August, shocking photos and video of a superyacht sinking off of Mykonos, Greece rocked the web. The clarity of the water gave an unusually up-close glimpse at this sinking yacht, showing ever detail of the 33 metre yacht Aloha's demise. Fortunately, the four guests on board when the Aloha grounded were able to escape unharmed.

Luxury yacht Bellissima sinks during Hurricane Carlos

Mother Nature wreaks havoc on yachts

This video of luxury yacht Bellissima sinking in Hurricane Carlos shows that sometimes even the most apt yachtsmen can't avoid Mother Nature's wrath. The category 1 hurricane battered many yachts when it hit Acapulco, Mexico.  Bellissima, which is reported to be owned by Mexican politician, artist and former boxer Jorge Kahwagi, didn't survive the storm and sadly sank.

Napoli football club owner's yacht Angra on fire in Italy

Yacht fire on a famous person's yacht

The most recent headline-making yacht disaster was when Napoli football owner Aurelio De Laurentiis’s yacht caught fire in Italy. Making the story all the more captivating, photos of his yacht on fire were snapped with the iconic Maltese Falcon in the foreground. Video of Angra on fire was shot by former Italy captain and Napoli player Fabio Cannavaro, who posted the footage on his Instagram not realising it was De Laurentiis’s yacht that was on fire.

Yacht fire and sinking in Greece

Two yachting disasters in one

Bad luck struck twice on this yacht, which suffered a fire and sinking in one. As a video showed, multiple explosions caused the yacht to catch fire and sink off Greece this July. All 10 guests escaped to safety. Despite the best efforts to put out of the fire, Ocean 5 burned and sank.

Classic Feadship Notorious destroyed by fire

Famous yacht catches fire

Sometimes it's not a famous person's yacht that catches fire, but the yacht itself is the famous one. Take for instance the classic Feadship Notorious, which was destroyed by fire. Notorious was used by Charlton Heston during filming of Planet of the Apes, and she was being hauled for major repairs when the fire occurred.

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