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Crew Life on Board Sailing Yacht Red Sky During Coronavirus Lockdown

22 April 2020By Miranda Blazeby

In this new online series, BOAT talks with crew members quarantined on board as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Here we chat with Freya Sanders, first mate and chef on board 30 metre Nautor’s Swan sailing yacht Red Sky.

Where is the boat?

Red Sky is currently alongside in Safe Harbor City Marina, Charleston, South Carolina.

Are you allowed off the yacht or are you quarantined on board?

As South Carolina hasn’t enforced a strict lockdown, we are still getting off the yacht for essential errands, food shopping and exercise.

Freya Sanders, first mate and chef on board Red Sky

How has the virus outbreak impacted your life on board?

We consider ourselves to be lucky in this whole situation as things haven’t changed too much for us. We obviously can’t go out to eat or drink, but as we don’t know too many people in town this hasn’t changed our social lives very much.

How are you keeping busy?

We were fortunate enough to join Red Sky just before the outbreak so we haven’t been aboard as crew that long. We have been getting into the jobs list and making sure we know the boat inside and out. We’ve updated the yacht’s inventory and have a deep cleaning and maintenance schedule. The yacht is in fantastic condition so we need to keep it that way. We have also been inspired by The Great British Bake Off and are doing lots of baking to keep busy.

How are you keeping fit?

We were still playing tennis at the public park until just a few weeks ago but they are now closed. We have bicycles which we try and use a few times a week. I have also been doing home style workouts onboard.

How is morale on board?

It’s generally pretty good as my boyfriend is the captain. There’s just the two of us so it’s been a good test!

Has the virus outbreak disrupted the yacht’s schedule?

We were always supposed to spend the winter in Charleston, so not yet. Our next objective is to get up to Newport for a routine haul out. As Rhode Island is enforcing a mandatory two-week quarantine, we will see if that affects us and make a decision in the next few weeks.

How are you sourcing provisions?

As we are not in strict lockdown, we can still use our rental car to visit the supermarkets.

What measures have been introduced on board to minimise the risk of the virus?

We have suspended anybody coming aboard. We are also following the UK government advice too with regards to social distancing.

Any tips for crew in a similar situation?

Keep active and set yourself goals. It’s the perfect opportunity to tackle all those jobs and admin tasks you never normally have time for.

Red Sky is currently listed for sale with Davidson Yachts with an asking price of $2.9 million.