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The 85m motor yacht Ace was penned inside and out by Winch Design and launched in 2012 at Lürssen’s yard in Rendsburg, Germany.

Why we love it: The most striking features of this seriously big boat are massive, sculptural superstructure arches that sweep from foredeck to stern platform, topped with huge oval balconies. Can’t see them here? No, but you can see the aft deck layout they usually conceal.

Design genius: Those arches, in combination with the yacht’s 14.5m beam, allow for dramatic staircases that sweep up to the first three aft decks. They give an open, relaxed air to these exterior spaces but, thanks to Winch’s unusual superstructure, they remain private-feeling.

Perfect for: Design junkies or shameless show-offs – there’s no way this distinctive profile will escape attention from the dock.

Photo: Klaus Jordan

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Lurssen   85 m •   2012


The 88 metre Quattroelle, launched by Lürssen in 2012, with exterior and interior design by Nuvolari Lenard.

Why we love it: This boat is all about massive exterior decks – she has a 13.8 metre beam. Her American owner adores cruising the Caribbean, so he wanted space to feel the breeze and watch the sun set.

Design genius: Clever touches range from the techie – a section of the big stern platform lowers into the sea – to the simple: aft exterior stairs on all five decks so guests can stay in that sun-dazed mood all day long. Later, they cool off in the bridge-deck infinity pool.

Perfect for: Sun worshippers who want to keep in bikini- or swimmers-ready shape: Usain Bolt designed her massive gym.

Photo: Klaus Jordan

Alfa Nero

The 81.27 metre motor yacht Alfa Nero, with exteriors by Nuvolari Lenard and interiors by Alberto Pinto, launched in 2007. She was at the vanguard of a new “Y Generation” of massive and technically spectacular boats from Oceanco, which positioned the yard firmly among the big boys of 80 metre-plus yacht building.

Why we love it: Think that low, sprawling aft deck and stern look cool now? In 2007 they were unlike anything yet built. She’s a trailblazer.

Design genius: The floor of the 7 x 3.5 metre pool lifts hydraulically to deck level and turns the aft deck into a dance floor or helipad.

Perfect for: Parties. As well as the aft deck there’s a club-like upper saloon. You just have to remember if you are choppering your guests home at midnight or inviting them to stay on for a late-night swim...

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Oceanco   81.27 m •   2007


The 66 metre motor yacht Elysian (ex-Ester III) was launched in spring 2014 by Lürssen. She features an angular design by Espen Øino and ornate “French classical” interior styling by Reymond Langton.

Why we love it: Priorities. Øino put a helipad and tender garage forward on the yacht so that arrivals and departures wouldn’t break the spell back here, lounging by the water in seclusion and peace.

Design genius: Exterior spaces have been planned as carefully as interiors, with protection from sun, wind, rain, heat and cold, a stunning bar up top and a large glass-backed pool on the main deck.

Perfect for: A-list soirées and private family time. Although Espen Øino left the toy store in the stern in case it gets too quiet. Don’t tell the kids.

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Lurssen   65.99 m •   2014


This is the curvaceous rear end of Okto, ISA’s 66 metre steel and aluminium head-turner.

Why we love it: Wedding cake? Forget it. This platform could easily have taken another deck, but the designers have kept things cool – with the result that there’s nothing else quite like it out there.

Design genius: It takes skill to make 66 metres of yacht look like a low-slung sportsboat, but designers Andrea Vallicelli and Alberto Pinto, working closely with the owner, managed it. We’re also promised stellar performance thanks to four months of tank testing.

Perfect for: The highly sensitive. Vibration and noise levels have to be experienced to be believed, we’re told.

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ISA   66.4 m •   2014


The 115 metre Luna  was built for Roman Abramovich as a replacement for his explorer Le Grand Bleu in 2010. 

Why we love it: Luna may be hard as nails – built to Ice Class at the German commercial yard Lloyd Werft in 2010 – but her graceful lines by Newcruise could still turn heads on the dock at Monaco.

Design genius: Her main aft deck is vast – about a third of the yacht’s length overall – but when the weather cools the massive beach club provides a chic shelter with an on-deck feeling.

Perfect for: Voyaging into the wild; making other explorer yachts look dull; then amping up the envy by inviting their owners on board for a cocktail party. You’ll have them weeping into their martinis.

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Lloyd Werft   115 m •   2010


This 95 metre Blohm+Voss superyacht Palladium is utterly bespoke – from custom electronics to a throw-out-the-rule-book layout, the coolest of pools, and furniture that coils and flows its way through the interior.

Why we love it: The curving lines of Michael Leach’s design are either space-age or 1970s, we can’t decide which; in any case their undulating, organic forms meld beautifully with the seascape.

Design genius: The central section of the 12 metre bathing platform lowers into the water and tilts forward to ease launch and retrieval of toys. The garage, meanwhile, holds two 10 metre Cougar tenders and so many toys that the stern sometimes looks like a Formula One pit.

Perfect for: Action junkies with a sense of retro style. Or cutting-edge cool. Or both.

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Blohm & Voss   95.15 m •   2010

Galactica Star

Galactica Star is Heesen’s award-winning 65 metre extravaganza.

Why we love it: The whole stern is devoted to a palatial beach club, with tenders and toys relegated to a forward garage, giving designer Frank Laupman maximum space for his imagination.

Design genius: The space is backed by cascading LED lights, while a skylight in the roof opens onto the pool on the main deck above – a feature that helped her pick up a World Superyacht Award in 2014.

Perfect for: Watching the sun go down at anchor, thanks to folding platforms at the rear and port quarter, opening the whole space up.

Anything else? Access to the main deck is made easy thanks to two brilliantly lit stairways either side of the beach club, so water – either in the main-deck pool or off the bathing platform – is never out of reach.

Photo: Jeff Brown / Breed Media

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