Alloy Yachts unveils 46m sloop superyacht design at Monaco Yacht Show
2013-09-25By Tom Isitt

Alloy Yachts has unveiled plans at the Monaco yacht Show for a new semi-production 46m sloop sailing yacht design called the PS46.

Developed as 'a fully engineered turnkey project, but with a range of personalised options', Alloy Yachts say 'the PS46 is ready to commence build immediately and is offered with a reduced build time.' The design was developed by Alloy Yachts to cater to those owners looking for an individual build, but who don't want to wait the time that a full custom boat usually requires. The semi-custom build also allows costs to be kept down.

The PS46 is a collaboration between Philippe Briand and Alloy Yachts, who worked together on the 67.2m yacht Vertigo project. Alloy Yachts wanted a fast and elegant design, and Briand's expertise in streamlined, fast hulls lent itself to this project.



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