45.42m superyacht Carson launched at Derecktor shipyard in Florida

9 December 2014

The 45.42m superyacht Carson has been launched at the Derecktor shipyard in Florida.

The launch followed work carried out by Derecktor on the yacht, which was sold unfinished earlier this year through Fraser Yachts. The new owner of the boat, originally called Alpha, renamed her Carson and transported her to Derecktor for an unspecified refit.

Carson project director Jim Rosenberg said in a letter to Derecktor, “Carson is unique given that she is still under construction and not a typical refit project. This tends to make our needs more encompassing of different contractors.”

Rosenberg praised members of the Derecktor team and said, “It was reassuring to have Derecktor on the job working with subcontractors and executing other tasks with true professionalism and a high degree of quality. From the well-orchestrated lift crew to the precise handling of our driveline, I never had the feeling that something could go wrong. That sense of exactitude with the work was very comforting to my team.”

The build was started by Newcastle Marine in Florida with interior design by Murray & Associates in Fort Lauderdale.

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