Castoldi develops new self-righting tender


Castoldi has built a new rescue tender that uses a patented self-righting system to maintain the sleeker look of a standard RIB tender.

Self-righting systems are usually deployed from an overhead arch, but the 5.98m Jet Tender 19 Rescue Boat instead uses a balloon and CO2 tank under a hatch in the stern peak. When the boat is capsized, a hull lever triggers the tank to fill the balloon, which expands from the hatch to right the boat.

‘Our aim was to design a rescue boat that doesn’t look like a rescue boat,’ says Giacomo Castoldi, owner of Castoldi. ‘Because we don’t need the arch, the boat looks like a standard Jet Tender 19. It is therefore a multi-role tender: elegant and high-performing for owner and crew use, but extremely effective, tough and safe in case of need.’

The steel and resin waterjet drive tender is SOLAS certified for yachts over 500GT built under LY3 code and has a top speed of 37 knots light loaded. The first unit was completed in December and another two are on order, the first due in March and the second in June.