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Refitting Innovator Revamps Iconic MonteCarlo Offshorer

27 July 2020By Miranda Blazeby

Owners of the iconic 1980s MonteCarlo Offshorer can now have their beloved speed boats completely restored thanks to a refitting innovator.

The Restorer, an Italian project spearheaded by founder Giorgio Colombi, is dedicated to restoring the 343 original MonteCarlo Offshorers to their original greatness.

The restoration process retains the iconic 8.9 metre 80s model’s original exterior while revamping the technology and propulsion packages inside.

The project offers two different restorations; the Resto Mod and the Connoisseur. Both feature a complete overhaul of the electronic and hydraulic systems on board but differ on the propulsion packages available.

The Resto Mod sees the installation of more powerful, fuel injected engines while the Connoisseur preserves the original motors.

The restoration process begins while the complete disassembly of the boat before it is repainted. All steel parts, including the windscreen, are then replaced before new electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems are installed. The boats will then be sea trialled on Lake Iseo before redelivery.

Speaking about the project, Colombi said: “Bringing back a forgotten gem of the seas such as the MonteCarlo Offshorer today with a state-of-the-art the art resto-mod means being ethically responsible not only towards a legend and an icon of powerboating, but also environmentally responsible, by recovering and re-utilising something of exceptional build quality and style, already there for us.”

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