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BOAT Online Design Challenge: Second Round Winner Announced

5 June 2020

For the second round of the BOAT International Online Design Challenge, four studios - Vripack, ER Yacht Design, Frank Neubelt Yacht Design and Facheris Design - were tasked with designing a sailing yacht concept. The studios were given just 48 hours to submit their sketches according to the brief, which was voted for by our social media audience.

The Brief

Superyacht type: Sail
Hull: Monohull
Length: 40-60m
Style: Sleek and sexy
Rig: Sloop

In a twist, designers were asked to incorporate the band Guns N' Roses into the design, with the freedom to choose any add-ons from a long list of special features suggested by our social media audience, including an underwater observation window, viewing platform, hydrogen power and crow’s nest viewing pod. The designs were then voted on by BOAT International readers and the results are in...

The Winning Design

Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine provided the background music as Vripack designed their split-level sailing yacht concept

Vripack named their winning concept 'Sweet Child' after the Guns N' Roses hit Sweet Child O' Mine which provided the soundtrack to their sketching. "Owners have been asking us for sailboats with better water access", said Vripack's co-creative director Marnix Hoekstra. This was the starting point for their split-level sailing yacht design. “We wanted to create some areas of privacy, but at the same time proper social spaces, and very safe areas on board to cross the ocean - that’s why we started with the split level idea.” At the aft of the boat sits a low owner’s deck with origami opening doors and a helipad made for a BlackFly personal drone, with the cockpit and steering position sit above.

The Runners Up

ER Yacht Design sketched a 56 metre aluminium sloop with a self-rotating carbon fibre rig

Ivan Erdevicki of ER Yacht Design dreamed up a 56 metre aluminium sloop with a self-rotating carbon fibre rig. “The starting point was the idea to design a yacht that I would like to have for myself with features and a look that I like personally. It is sleek and sexy, but powerful and very elegant in the same time.” Standout features include a double foil keel, flared hull topsides and a lifting propeller for speed and efficiency.

Facheris Design created a sharp 60 metre design featuring extensive use of glass with a forward facing glass bow and a glass roof

President of Facheris Design, Patrizio Facheris, created a sharp 60 metre design featuring extensive use of glass with a forward facing glass bow and a glass roof. Incorporating Guns N' Roses in to the design he said: “I tried different ideas like integrating a guitar shape into the mast and a guitar shaped window, but I found quickly this idea to be very tacky. I integrated the rose on the side as graphic and the music note into the sail and gun into the mast.”

Frank Neubelt's 55 metre concept features a foredeck infinity pool and hull windows offering the option of underwater or above water views

Frank Neubelt said: “I appreciated the competition’s brief within the 40-60 metre range since midsize is actually trendier for several reasons, including the smaller number of crew required, easier handling and lower yearly running costs (compared to a 60 metre+)." Highlights of the 55 metre concept include a foredeck infinity pool and hull windows with a jalousie system offering the option of under- or above-water views, while a single-handed, push button and hybrid sail system means fewer crew are needed.

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