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Van Geest Design presents 135m "brutalist" superyacht concept

25 March 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Van Geest Design has revealed a new 135-metre superyacht concept whose design is guided by "sheer brutality".

Known as Project 135, the concept is inspired by the brutalist architecture of the 50s and 60s, as well as aircraft carriers and large warships.

The yacht would be built entirely in steel

According to founder Pieter van Geest, the focus is on "functional design, instead of [creating an] over-designed, pretty jewellery box. Project 135 is aimed at a freethinking and unbiased owner."

Leisure features include a forward-facing observation lounge positioned above the bow, "party decks" aft and approximately 1600 square metres dedicated to the owner across two decks. Project 135 also benefits from a heli hangar and two helipads.

Van Geest added: "Sometimes, lengthy discussions and complicated details dominate projects, instead of focusing on the purpose of yachting – the fun and the joy. To make a point, we created Project 135 as the opposite."

The studio most recently revealed Domus Cat to BOAT International, an entirely open-plan, 30-metre catamaran concept.

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