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Victor Vescovo’s DSSV Pressure Drop sold to marine research organisation

3 November 2022

The 68.3 metre Pressure Drop, the deep submersible support vessel owned by explorer Victor Vescovo, has been sold to marine research organisation Inkfish.

The vessel has been sold in a package that includes Vescovo’s Hadal Exploration System, which encompasses the research vessel and its Triton 36,000/2 submersible Limiting Factor, the first fully-certified Full Ocean Depth submersible.

Under their new ownership, Pressure Drop and Limiting Factor will continue to be used for scientific missions to facilitate exploration in some of the world’s deepest and most remote oceans.

Credit: Reeve Jolliffe/EYOS Expeditions

Pressure Drop is a former US Navy ship that has been refitted to offer accommodation for 47 people, including 19 crew and 12 technical specialists. On board, the vessel has wet and dry science labs, full sonar capacities and a retractable submersible hangar for the 11.2 metre Triton 36000/2 Limiting Factor. Equipped with a “depth unlimited” rating, this model is the only one in the world capable of multiple dives to the far depths of the sea floor and has been described as “possibly the most impressive tool for human exploration and scientific endeavour since Apollo 11”.

The capacities of Limiting Factor were put to the test recently, when Vescovo, EYOS Expeditions and Nekton Mission journeyed to the bottom of each of the world’s five oceans in an endeavour known as the Five Deeps. The expedition led to a number of notable scientific contributions, including the discovery of more than 40 previously undiscovered species.

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Credit: Reeve Jolliffe/EYOS Expeditions

Vescovo, who is the first person in history to have been to the peak of all the world’s continents, both poles, and the bottom of all the world’s oceans, will continue to pursue his passion for exploration. As CEO and founder of ocean expedition company Caladan Oceanic, he will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Explorer Yachts Summit, which takes place on November 10 at the Yacht Club de Monaco in association with Damen Yachting and in collaboration with ExplorerYachts.com.

Vescovo will touch on a range of topics, including his scientific missions and his experience in expedition yachting.

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