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Crew of Victorious involved in 16-hour search and rescue mission

19 December 2022• Written by Katia Damborsky

Last week (w/c December 12) the crew of 85 metre Victorious were involved in a 16-hour search and rescue mission after responding to a distress call in the North Atlantic.

The distress call came from a 15 metre catamaran that capsized with five passengers on board around 500 miles from shore. All five were safely rescued by Victorious from a life-raft just after midnight local time. 

The crew was led by captain Petar Milkov and chief officer Emily Grassby. In a statement posted on social media, Grassby reported that "after a medical assessment it became clear some of the casualties were suffering with head injuries and broken ribs".

They were treated on board Victorious and taken to Saint Martin to receive further medical attention. 

Grassby said she was "incredibly proud of the crew" and added that "everyone did their duty" to successfully save the stricken passengers.

Victorious was delivered in 2021 as the flagship of Turkish yachtbuilder AKYACHT. She is currently listed for sale with Fraser.

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