Video: Luxury yacht crashes twice while mooring up

19 July 2016 • Written by Chris Jefferies

A luxury yacht has been filmed crashing twice while mooring up on a river in the Netherlands.

As the 22 metre yacht approaches the mooring in Barendrecht a deck hand can be seen preparing the fenders, but the vessel appears to be carrying excess speed and strikes a pylon.

The damage to the hull is immediately visible when the yacht turns hard to port, with the sheerline cracked and a guard rail broken in two. However, the situation gets even worse when the stern swings around and strikes the prow of a stationary yacht.

The person filming this incident is clearly alarmed by this unfortunate turn of events and can be heard gasping several times during the video.

The video finishes with the luxury yacht continuing under its own power, with no indication if they ever completed their docking manoeuvre.

This short clip has been viewed more than 600,000 times in the past week, with many commenters rushing to criticise the actions of the skipper. However, others were more sympathetic and suggested that there might have been a mechanical fault with the throttles, which caused this dramatic yacht crash.

The footage was filmed in the Netherlands, but the yacht in question is believed to be a Spanish-built vessel.

The news comes less than a week after a luxury tender crashed into a superyacht in Ibiza, causing significant hull damage.

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