6 of the most amazing superyacht Audio-Visual Special Effects

3D fireplace

This amazing superyacht audio-visual special effect from Advanced New Technologies (ANT) let's you experience the next best thing to a real fire on board. ANT created this fire effect by combining virtual layers with billowing fabric that mimics a flickering flame. It is equipped with built-in speakers for custom sound. Now that’s hot stuff!

Interactive bar

Cheers to this multi-touch, waterproof bar surface by VBH that lets you move digital content, watch movies, select music, share photos or check your yacht’s itinerary. Enjoy a drink and plot the next day's adventures with this cool superyacht audio-visual special effect.

Virtual window

Techno Gurus help you create your own window to the world with this bespoke superyacht audio-visual special effect. On Lürssen’s Kismet, HD cameras facing outward from the vessel provide a real-time feed that’s displayed digitally inside on two-story video walls. Seeing is believing.­

Walk on water

This stone pathway on board Heesen’s Inception (ex-Man of Steel) is part of the interior designed by Marc Wallace and is made up of river pebbles placed under illuminated plate glass. With each step, you feel as though you’re walking on water.

Virtual aquarium

Get the illusion of marine life without all the maintenance with this splashy superyacht audio-visual special effect. Sky Factory’s eSea is a digital cinema window of underwater environments that move swimmingly in high definition.


One of the best superyacht audio-visual special effects remains to be the waterfall, as proved by these yachts with waterfalls. Tranquility is key to this wall of flowing water by Bluworld that also allows light to filter through the glass. Serenity at last.

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