The best 6 superyachts with submarines

Sofia's yellow submarine

Want to travel in your own yellow submarine? The owners of 42 metre Sofia, Moonen’s largest yacht yet, sure did. The yacht’s owner is an avid diver, so the addition of the sub was a welcome toy to Sofia’s arsenal. The submarine-carrying Moonen yacht was specifically designed around the two-person submersible – a C-Quester 3 from the Dutch firm U-Boat Worx. The stern platform had to be lengthened to carry the sub on the transom and weight was redistributed forward to accommodate the added weight. Designed by Rene van der Velden, this elegant explorer yacht offers luxe accommodations and the bonus option to dive deep thanks to the sub.

Explorer yacht Alucia's multiple submersibles

When one submarine just isn’t enough, the 56 metre explorer yacht Alucia can carry up to three subs. And for the serious scuba divers, she also has a decompression chamber and mixed-gas refill tank station. Fresh from a complex, 12-month refit at Diverse Projects last year, 40-year-old Alucia is looking better than new. Her submarine and dive control systems were fully updated, making her ready for a submarine outing for you and all your friends.

Octopus and her shipwreck finding submarine

Explorer yacht Octopus is already pretty famous thanks to her notable owner – Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen – and the fact that she is the largest expedition yacht in the world. But the 126 metre Octopus added another feather to her cap, and gained kudos from the mainstream press, when her submarine discovered a long-lost WW2 shipwreck, Musashi, at 1,000 feet of water. As seen in the photo above, Octopus’ internal deck is accessible via side doors that allow submarines and tenders to easily be launched.

Dr. No's flying submarine

Owned by Tom Perkins, Dr. No has a Hawkes DeepFlight Super Falcon Submarine that not only dives down to 300 metres but literally flies under the water, a unique feature amongst most sumbersibles. The two-man sub achieves this feat by remaining positively buoyant. It was the sub, in fact, that inspired Perkins to find an explorer yacht. When Maltese Falcon couldn’t accommodate the submarine, he built Dr. No – a yacht designed for underwater exploration, which Perkins has taken all over, including experiencing the wonders of New Caledonia.

Naia's functional submarine

RV Pegaso, renamed Naia, has a stylish exterior that hides her true heart. The RV in her original named stands for “research vessel” and the 73 metre yacht from Freire was designed for just that. She carries a serious-looking submarine that’s one of the largest around, seating up to five (see photo inset). A 2014 refit saw her glammed up, but with a range of 10,000 nautical miles and a helipad she retains her research vessel roots.

Colourful Thunderbird 2 designed to carry a submarine

The submarine-carrying motor yacht Thunderbird 2 was delivered to an owner who was such a big fan of the British children's television show Thunderbird that he had to have his very own Thunderbird boat. Hence the cartoon-bright paint job and multiple-use design of the yacht, both a nod to the craft found on the Gerry Anderson TV show. Thunderbird 2 carries a three-person sub at stern, her aft section designed around launching the submarine, but inside she offers comfortable accommodations.