5 of the best charter destinations from the Singapore Yacht Show


Lazarus Island

3nm from Singapore

If you're heading to The Singapore Yacht Show, which takes place  April 12-15, with or in search for a luxury yacht, you may be wondering where to head for some leisurely cruising afterwards. Whether you're staying for a week or a month, there are plenty of stunning and tranquil spots to explore. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you before the show:

1. Lazarus Island

For those wishing to stay close to Singapore, head to Lazarus Island, which sits just three nautical miles south of the main island. One of eight southern islands, it offers a tranquil atmosphere, pristine white beaches and clear blue waters – but make sure you're well-provisioned, as there are no shops.

Bask on the calm, uncluttered beach or wander over the St John's Island, which is accessible via a causeway. Alternatively, relax on board and go snorkelling in search of resident turtles from nearby Kusu Island and other bright fish or corals.

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Tioman Island

135nm from Singapore

Part of a dedicated marine reserve, the volcanic island of Tioman is instantly recognisable on the horizon. Perfect for nature-lovers, visitors can dive the incredible coral reefs or trek through the rainforests to see its stunning waterfalls. One of the most popular hikes is up the Dragon Horns, twin peaks that stretch up approximately 700 metres over Mukut Village. Alternatively, head to Monkey Bay for some snorkelling or go to the Juara Turtle Project conservation centre in Juara Village.

Located on the eastern coast of the Malaysian Peninsula in the South China Sea, this ecological paradise boasts a number of luxury hotels where guests can relax between activities.

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Anambas Islands

160nm from Singapore

On the northern border of the Indonesian archipelagos you'll for the Anambas Islands, a striking and peaceful cruising spot where only 26 of the 255 islands in the Anambas cluster are inhabited. Known for its safe anchorages, the islands boast colourful marine life, sugar-like beaches fringed with coconut trees and deep blue lagoons. A popular spot for turtles and whale sharks, it's an idyllic destination for keen divers, as it is also home to the famous Igara wreck dive.

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540nm from Singapore

Peppered with stunning limestone structures, caves and lagoons, Phuket makes for a seriously enviable cruising ground. With an abundance of islands, excellent diving, wonderful food and a great winter season climate, it is not hard to find this destination alluring.

The famous Phang Nga Bay boasts shallow waters and is well worth a visit, so those looking for an adventure should head out the the Andaman Sea for an island-hopping diving and snorkelling experience. Alternatively, stay close to Phuket in order to take advantage of the many anchorages and the booming culinary scene.

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Raja Ampat

1,800nm from Singapore

Home to 75 per cent of the world's coral species, Raja Ampat is a stunning archipelago in West Papua, Indonesia. A must-visit spot for keen divers, the reefs boast more than 1,500 different species of fish, as well as wobbegong, reef and epaulette sharks, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, pygmy seahorses and the elusive blue ringed octopus.

Raja Ampat, which translates to 'Four Kings', also boasts plenty of natural beauty above the water, with dense green jungles, ancient caves and soft white sand beaches.

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