Charter Open Day with Bernard Gallay at Cannes next week

29 April 2013By Malcolm MacLean

Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage is hosting its first Charter Open Day of 2013 on May 7th in Cannes.

Charter brokers will embark at Port Canto (Quai 5) on one of the yachts' tenders to make their way out to sea where the yachts will be moored. Once arrived, there'll be welcomed onboard by the crew for a drink to start the day.

The yachts will set out towards les îles de Lérins, giving guests the opportunity to see what these yachts do best- sail!

Once arrived at one of the beautiful moorings of les îles de Lérins, a light lunch will be served, with wine tasting from the Domain St-Michel Archange (Family vineyard). Thanks to the yacht’s tenders, guests will be able to enjoy buffets from different yachts, moving from one to the other freely and discovering more about each one of these very distinct vessels.

Participating yachts include Wally's 30.4m Dark Shadow, Southern Wind's 29.6m Windfall, the 25.2m Wally One and the 24.9m Swan 82 Alpina.