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Metrica: The finest craftsmanship on board your craft

28 March 2018

Metrica’s motto is “the greatness of any work will show in the details”. The respected superyacht interior outfitter believes thinking big starts on a small scale, and it is this focus on the importance of the minutiae that has become the key to its success. The German company collaborates with internationally renowned architects, designers and shipyards to create custom interior fittings for superyachts. With a heritage dating back 330 years, it has achieved global success as the go-to for the very best bespoke interiors.

The impressive portfolio of past projects includes notable superyachts Al Mirqab, Odessa II, Grace E (now Nautilus) and Z, among others, and over the years the company has nurtured strong relationships with designers as lauded as Jon Bannenberg, Terence Disdale, Andrew Winch, Tony Dixon and Laura Sessa.

A dining table that demonstrates the attention given to every detail of design by Metrica

Metrica creates far more than furniture and fittings, but rather works of art, taking on the challenge of combining the highest quality materials when doing so. A saloon table won’t simply be a saloon table but a custom piece made from wood, lacquer, fabric, leather, metal and stainless steel – the vision of a designer such as Rémi Tessier brought to life. Any yacht owner knows that run-of-the-mill interiors won’t do, and Metrica can provide pieces that are both beautiful and well built. As well as the external aesthetics, the outfitter prides itself on being an expert in the invisible workings and background technology, ensuring an interior that succeeds in both form and function.

With a workforce of more than 200, including some of the very best carpenters, technicians, engineers and architects in Germany and further afield, Metrica combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology when creating its products. The interior outfitter claims to employ only those who are passionate about their craft, resulting in a talented team that takes pride in concerning itself with every detail and every stage of the production process, “the best or nothing” as its guiding principle.

An example of Metrica’s custom interior furniture on board superyachts

As well as superyachts, Metrica has been working within the residential market for more than 10 years now, acting not only as an interior outfitter but also as a general contractor for its clients. Projects have included high-end hotels, including the five-star Villa Honegg hotel in Switzerland, executive office suites, fine jewellery stores and private homes. The same high standards are adhered to, with Metrica promising to take full responsibility for the realisation of the clients’ ideas from start to finish. The consultation, co-ordination, control and execution of all elements of a building project can be taken in hand, up to and including turnkey delivery. Should you not wish for a general contractor for your project, Metrica can act on individual tasks, too, simply creating beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture to enliven an interior scheme.

When working on luxurious large-scale projects, whether the construction or refit of a yacht or development of a residence, Metrica promises a wealth of experience, skill and commitment, as well as tact when dealing with the various elements of the supply chain. Metrica has excelled in a sector that is without compromise, crafting the very finest interiors for the most exclusive superyachts and private residences in the world. Tessier said it best when he explained: “I can’t imagine making a project anywhere in the world without Metrica, just because they are the best, but please don’t tell anyone since I want to keep them solely for my clients, who expect the very best quality.” Higher praise could not be found.


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