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The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards

19 January 2020• Written by Holly Overton

Easy to store and even easier to master, stand up paddle boards are a hit with every member of the family. For those that prefer a slower alternative to the likes of Jet Skis and electric surfboards, here’s our pick of the best paddle boards for your superyacht toy box...

Isle Explorer Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board

Whether you’re discovering the Norwegian fjords or making your way through the Sea of Cortez, leave the yacht behind and really take it all in on an SUP made with the intrepid in mind. Isle’s 11’ Explorer SUP has a wide 32 inch mid-point and comes equipped with nose and tail-mounted bungee systems to carry all the gear you might need for a day of adventure. Plus, weighing just 8.6kg and deflating in minutes, you can stow the board in a special backpack to continue your exploration on shore.

Isle Explorer Airtech Inflatable SUP, $695

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Red Ride 10'8 Inflatable Paddle Board

The world's best-selling paddle board isn't a best seller for no reason. An all-rounder, the Ride 10'8 is durable and versatile board designed for everybody from first time riders to pro paddlers. The board can glide effortlessly across flat water and ride smoothly across the surf, while a 120mm thick skin means it's made to last. At the end of the day, the board can be rolled into a sun-proof, sand-proof, sea-proof backpack and neatly stowed away.

Red Ride 10'8 Inflatable Paddle Board, £1,649

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Naish Touring 14'0 GTW Paddle Board

Touring paddle boards are made for those looking to venture further afield. Fast and easy to paddle, the Naish Tourer combines raceboard characteristics and applies them to a more stable platform, so you can paddle faster and further. Perfect for discovering hidden lunch spots, the board features cargo plugs on the nose and behind the stance area so you can carry your picnic with you.

Naish Touring GTW, $2,569

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Star Board Go 2020 Paddle Board

This stand up paddle board is perfect for first time paddlers who want to get going and stay dry. The board's wide tail and nose, concave bottom, and boxy rails mean increased stability, while the fin sits further back than most boards to reduce the amount of times you have to switch from side to side when paddling. For those looking for a versatile board, the GO has an optional windsurfing configuration for a 2-in-1 paddle and windsurfing board (and there's an inflatable version too).

Star Board Go, from £849

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Jarvis Boards San Marcos Paddle Board

Shaped like a traditional surfboard, the San Marcos paddle board is designed to glide over calm waters as well as it can skip over chop. The wooden board is an all-rounder that can be used for fitness paddling, surfing, yoga, or simply lounging on the water. The board can be custom made to order or available as a DIY kit if you're looking to get stuck into a new project in the new year

Jarvis San Marcos Paddle Board, £1,200

Red Ride XL Inflatable Paddle Board

Fun for all the family, as many as eight riders can fit on this super-sized inflatable paddle board. Measuring 4.3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide, there's plenty of space for you and all your friends, whether you're off on a paddle board adventure or simply catching some rays. In the event you fall in, there are six handles to heave yourself back on board. Plus, multiple valves mean the Red Ride XL can be inflated faster than ever.

Red Ride XL, £2,999

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Quiksilver iSUP 10'6 Inflatable Paddle Board

For those who can't wait to get out on the water, the QS iSUP takes just five minutes to inflate. It comes with a three-piece paddle, ultralight pump, repair kit, and a backpack carry bag for easy stowage.

Quiksilver iSUP, £780

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SIC Bullet Planing Paddle Board

If you’re looking to take your boarding up a gear but aren’t ready for the level of skill needed to master a racing displacement hull, a SUP with a planing hull is a great middle ground. The all-new Bullet planing paddle board has been fine-tuned for 2020, and is now faster, more stable and forgiving that its predecessors. A widened tail and squared up rails allow the board handle chop and larger waves well.

SIC Bullet (SF), POA

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